Retail's Role in Job Creation

During January’s State of the Union, Obama called on the retail industry to create jobs and aid in the continuation of the nation’s economic recovery. As an industry that supports one out of every five U.S. workers, much of the retail industry met Obama with open arms. So, how does the retail industry plan on tackling this challenge? Aside from benefiting from the tax breaks the Obama administration is offering, retail recruiters will need to keep recruiting costs low and retention rates high in order to afford this major growth.

Retail's Role in Job Creation

Where to begin: Tips for Recruiting in Retail

  • Invest in screening qualified candidates now; better hiring practices will save money (by increasing retention) later. This means a standard assessment, an application, a brief interview and perhaps drug screening or criminal background checks.
  • Advertise the value. Employees that want to stay on board site career growth, learning, being a part of team, management recognition and others as contributing factors. Advertising these points to candidates will help them see the value in a retail career path.
  • Utilize HR technology to organize the high-volume of applicants. The retail industry comes with unique challenges when it comes to supporting both hourly and salaried employees, attracting candidates, and taking in applications. Tailor career portals around specific needs, segmenting corporate hiring from store hiring from internship hiring and beyond. Some HR technology providers can even set up in-store kiosks for walk-in traffic and applications.

Next Steps: Learn from other Retail Professionals
Want to learn more about recruiting in Retail? In the NYC area? Register for iCIMS’ HR Recruiter Event, March 9th in NYC! This event will provide HR professionals with the opportunity to discuss their unique ways of overcoming the many challenges that are linked with today’s talent management programs. Recruiters will have the chance to share their experiences and gain feedback from other retail industry professionals, as well as discuss best practices, network, and offer suggestions for the future. This evening event will feature a presentation from iCIMS’ client Tory Burch and is complimentary to attend. [If you’ve missed this event, please look out for a recap of talking points in an upcoming blog at www.icims.com/blog/.

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