4 Hiring Trends for 2017 & Beyond



Let’s face it- practices on the hiring plane are evolving at a rapid pace, and are not always easy to follow. To keep you primed for the new year Valiant has compiled a list of the four major trends influencing 2017.

  1.  Attracting The Right Stuff
    Companies will need to focus their efforts on creating stable, innovative workplaces. “The way that company culture is cultivated within specific organizations can have a powerful bearing on the job search process as workers strive to align with a workplace and brand that fits their basic human needs, while also being reflective of their personalities and aspirations,” says Eric Mosley, CEO & Co-Founder of Globoforce. Though this can leave certain companies at a disadvantage, those with strong, positive work environments will be able to leverage their attractive company culture as a means of enticing applicants.
  2.  Leading with Compassion
    Creating an ideal workplace means encouraging, exciting, and inspiring your employees. Appealing to them on an emotional level parallels what they’re looking for in the workplace: meaning and value in their actions and accomplishments. Though this trend has already been initiated in some places, progressive companies will take the necessary steps to modernize their HR practices, in everything from performance reviews to employee recognition programs. This will help to empower employees and demonstrate how their efforts lend toward overall company success, a valuable asset in both retaining and attracting talent.
  3. Emotional Intelligence: The Game Changer
    More frequently, companies are leaning toward open and transparent policies. It’s not only the best way to maintain their existing employee base, but to captivate the most desirable candidates as well. For companies looking to expand or simply supplement their existing workforce, recruiters will pay significant attention to how well these candidates could fit in. According to Stephen Moulton, CEO of Action Insight, Inc., “people with more highly developed emotional intelligence have greater flexibility”, and employers will be drawn to job-seekers who are able to demonstrate this skill. They’ll be more inclined to hire a likeable, trustworthy applicant over one who can simply perform their duties, but would not necessarily mesh with the company culture.
  4. Referrals for the Win
    The referral method certainly is not a new idea in hiring procedures, but continues to hold its own due to its effectiveness. Both inside (employee to HR/management) and outside (non-employee within professional network to HR/management) referrals account for the number one source of hires (32% overall, among US companies), according to LinkedIn’s 2015 US Recruiting Trends survey. Quantity of hired referrals aside, surveyed companies cited employee referral programs as providing some of the best quality hires.