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Why Valiant for the Security Industry?

We realize that security companies face workforce management challenges other companies do not. What’s the best way to coordinate weekly payroll distribution and shift scheduling? How do you manage time and attendance for hundreds of security officers working at multiple remote locations with multiple pay rates? Are you in compliance with local, state and Federal government employee regulations unique to the security industry?

Valiant’s powerful, user-friendly tools help security firms nationwide handle payroll, scheduling, time & attendance, HR and compliance all on one platform.

Are you constantly scrambling to manage hourly employee credentials, licenses and certifications? Are overtime costs and vacant staffing positions negatively impacting your bottom line? Valiant’s employee scheduling software solutions empowers managers to proactively minimize overtime and react to staffing, payroll and HR issues before they drain your resources and erode your profit margins.
Valiant’s payroll processing software solutions will securely, accurately and automatically calculate gross-to-net earnings and print employee checks with stub details that reflect days, shifts and hours worked by location. It will also seamlessly calculate withholding and employer liability information, generate tax checks, interface with tax filing services, calculate meal allowances, and enable direct deposit services. Valiant’s self-service portal delivers W-2, pay stubs and schedules all online, which lowers demand on your payroll department and reduces your check processing costs.
Valiant knows the ins and outs of the industry and will make sure you know them too. For example, when one is calculating compensation for the purposes of figuring state unemployment insurance premiums, a value for meals and lodging must be included. We have the knowledge to make sure you’re always compliant.