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Applicant Tracking

Tracking of open positions, inclusive of candidates who have applied, and those who have been screened and hired, is very difficult to do manually, especially for large organizations. Some companies have been forced to use stand alone folders and Excel spreadsheets as well as other manual methods because they have not found a better option. Valiant's ATS is just that solution.

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Human Resources

Managing a complex human resources operation can be challenging even in the best of times. Personnel come and go; requirements change, regulations and compliance issues need careful consideration. It's not unlike piloting a passenger plane in rough weather: you have to pay close attention to every detail and nuance of the journey to ensure a safe landing.

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Paying your employees timely and accurately is a critical function of every business. Valiant's Payroll software is flexible, functional, and easy to use because we developed it with you the end user in mind. Our robust payroll processing engine is both flexible and scalable, and since it is in the cloud, it is available to you anytime and anywhere.

Today, Valiant processes over 5 billion dollars per year for 2,500 companies in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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Time & Labor Management

Easy-to-implement and cost-effective, managing your workforce from a web-enabled centralized database will immediately create savings and boost productivity by streamlining your business operations and reducing inefficiencies and errors associated with manual processes.

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Communication Center

In today’s fast paced business environment, communication is more critical than ever. Supervisors and managers overseeing a remote workforce need an efficient means of tracking employee attendance, preferably in real time.

Valiant is pleased to introduce the next generation of workforce management solutions, Communication Center. With inbound dialing with workflow, supervisors can seamlessly manage their workforce with one phone call.

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Employee Self Service

Numerous studies indicate that employees are more productive when they feel connected, and personally empowered.

Valiant's ESS software maximizes worker value and self-worth through interaction and engagement. Whether employees are on-site or off-site, our portal brings employees together and reinforces employee relations and loyalty.

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Query Builder

Valiant's Query Builder is a powerful reporting application providing simplifies real-time access to all of your Human Resource, Payroll, and Time & Labor Management data all from a single source. Query Builder is an intuitive and easy-to-use reporting analytics tool which provides the ability to assimilate all Valiant's operational data into meaningful, effective real-time management reports for improved profitability.

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Real-Time & Scheduled Alerts

With Alerts and Notifications, it is like having your own personal assistant, always there by your side to remind you of those things that you deem important. There is no limit to the number of or types of alerts you can create. Create scheduled, calendar based reports, or be alerted in real-time according to your own personal metrics.

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Support Services

At Valiant, great service does not happen by accident, but by design. Every Valiant client is assigned a dedicated payroll rep and a backup. The two reps operate as a team which allows them to become very familiar with each other's accounts so they can provide a higher level of service.