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Why Valiant for Restaurant Payroll?

Few businesses are as unpredictable as restaurants. One aspect that’s particularly daunting is employee compensation. Valiant has joined with PCS, a leading provider of payroll & consulting services to the hospitality & restaurant industry. As a result, we can now offer a wide range of employee management services to the restaurant industry: from payroll, to tip management and more. Here are some examples of how Valiant can help you work more efficiently, reduce overhead, and stay compliant with all applicable labor laws.

Tip Management

The U.S. Department of Labor pays close attention to employment issues related to tips as a component of employee compensation. In fact, they have hundreds of investigators assigned exclusively to uncovering restaurants that are violating labor laws. Valiant can help you navigate the often confusing regulations regarding tips, such as tip pooling, tip sharing, tips on credit cards, and others.

Tip Credit

According to rules established by the U.S. Department of Labor, employers are now required to inform an employee before implementing a tip credit. While you don’t have to provide the information in writing, the burden is on the restaurant owner to prove that the required information was provided. If your restaurant does not provide the required information, you must pay tipped employees at least $7.25 per hour and allow them to keep all of their tips. Valiant has powerful software solutions that can help you easily navigate the issues surrounding tip credits.

Payroll Processing

Valiant payroll processing software solutions will securely, accurately and automatically calculate gross-to-net earnings for all of your employees. It will also seamlessly calculate withholding and employer liability information, generate tax checks, interface with tax filing services, and enable direct deposit services. As a consequence, you can lower the demands on your payroll department and reduce your check processing costs.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Valiant has web-based Workforce Management Products that can give you the ability to effortlessly schedule shifts, reduce overtime, coordinate tax reporting and more.

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