Payroll Processing

Are your in-house payroll resources stretched to the breaking point? Are you constantly dealing with compliance issues and employee disputes as you struggle to manage your hourly employees?

Valiant’s payroll processing services securely, accurately and automatically calculates gross-to-net earnings and prints employee checks with stub details that reflect days, shifts and hours worked by location.

The Benefits of Valiant

  • Seamless integration with most payroll and HR packages.
  • Minimizes employee and client issues based on detail captured for workers at multiple sites with multiple pay rates including calculating and maintaining minimum pay requirements.
  • Eliminates potential missed or incorrect tax payments.
  • Automatically and seamlessly calculates withholding and employer liability information.
  • Generates tax checks, interfaces with tax filing services and enables ACH, direct deposit and pay-card services.
  • Pay Stub Sample

Comprehensive Payroll Solution

  • Automated, web-based online payroll processing and check printing with stub detail that reflects days, shifts, and hours worked.
  • Comprehensive tax processing-automatically calculate all employee withholding and employer liability information.
  • Enterprise-grade technology backed by guaranteed 24/7 customer support

Valiant’s comprehensive payroll processing solution securely, accurately and automatically gathers and coordinates all time and attendance data generated by Valiant’s workforce management tools:

  • Calculate gross-to-net earnings and print employee checks with stub detail that reflects days, shifts and hours worked by location–a nearly foolproof way to avoid employee disputes. Pay amounts are broken down by hours worked and actual dollars earned at each site.
  • Net pay controls automatically calculate and maintain minimum take-home pay requirements for employees with multiple deductions (child support, tax liabilities and other garnishments, for example).
  • Complete tax processing automatically and seamlessly calculates all employee withholding and employer liability information. This solution also generates tax checks, interfaces with tax filing services and enables ACH, direct deposit and paycard services.
  • Full-service help desk provides an immediate point of contact for all problems that might occur outside standard day-to-day performance issues. All clients are guaranteed 24/7 support when email inquiries or requests are received.
  • Valiant clients enjoy 24/7 access to their data. Valiant’s secure data center performs nightly exports to a remote data storage facility. In the unlikely event of a disaster, business operations are automatically shifted to Valiant’s “hot site” –in most cases, without an interruption in service.
  • Access the identical version of the Vault payroll software that is run by Valiant’s service bureau specialists. Valiant’s Application Service Provider (ASP) management model ensures that you never need to download or upload data from your computer to Valiant’s technology center. The moment employee checks are processed and finalized by Valiant’s service bureau, the information becomes immediately accessible to you for real time view reporting and report printing.

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