Top 3 Payroll Problems + Valiant Solutions

Regardless of your company sizing, handling payroll can be a nuisance– both confusing and time-consuming. We’ve listed the top three problems for payroll, and the solutions that we offer.


“Lost”, “disorganized”- terrifying words in the payroll sphere. Without meticulous practices in place, how will you pay your employees correctly and on time? How will you keep track of records and forms? Hours reviewed and approved? Whether you’re keeping physical or digital records, the amount of data to maintain can quickly become overwhelming.

Valiant’s cloud-based infrastructure provides enterprise-class security and privacy, and allows easy access to employee information, time and attendance data, and accurate company reporting. The cloud also allows you to keep things paperless and pass on the printing. Saving time, frustration, and trees- where can you go wrong?


Gaining and maintaining control over your compliance is an essential practice for every payroll professional. It’s the only way to avoid costly and damaging penalties. But with the complications of the law, staying in the know can be a very difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, outsourcing to Valiant simplifies compliance, as we automatically provide federal, state, and local taxation updates. Additionally, we monitor a myriad of labor related issues such as overtime, mandatory accruals and industry specific items such as the proper processing of tips and meals in the hospitality sector. Valiant also handles new hire reporting and income withholding for child support payments as well as other wage garnishments.


Many businesses still conduct their payroll operations manually. This can be great if you only have to worry about three or four employees, but what about fifteen, thirty, fifty, or more? The administrative workload can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in oversight and inaccuracies.

Failure to correctly enter and preserve data can create problems for your employees as well as your company. Over- or underpayment, for example, is an easy mistake to make but kickstarts a correction process that ends up adding to the overall headache of payroll.

Handling your payroll with Valiant, however, is quick and painless.

  1. With the understanding that our clients have multiple sources that compile their payroll data, Valiant provides multi-import source ability when creating the payroll.
  2. Because our software calculates in real-time, you are presented with immediate visualization of payroll funding requirements and can access completed payroll reports & payments.
  3. We understand the time sensitivity of audit requests and need to access historical data on demand, so Valiant stores all historical payroll reports & data in perpetuity at no cost to you.
  4. We have an alert system in place so that you can not only leverage our standard payroll notifications, but also set reminders and notifications for yourself throughout the payroll process, such as when any check exceeds a pre-set limit.
  5. With Valiant’s Time & Labor Management service, once employee hours have been approved, the data can be automatically imported to payroll to issue payments. Options are available to display employee schedule details and rates on the stub, reducing HR inquiries.


Everyone makes mistakes, but you can conveniently prevent them from taking over your workplace by utilizing an online payroll software. Valiant Solutions provides this software, along with expert guidance for the hourly workforce, large or small.

We also offer continual updates on current and upcoming regulations, allowing you to focus on your business to run smooth and free of costly compliance mistakes. Contact us today to discuss how we can help streamline your payroll process.