About Us


Founded in 1993 by Anthony Petraco and Valorie Sledge, Valiant is a privately owned workforce management solutions provider. Valiant supplies comprehensive time & attendance, scheduling, payroll, HR and business process outsourcing solutions to more than 1,500 clients doing business in a wide range of markets and industries. Valiant’s payroll processing exceeds $5 billion per year and its facilities and services exceed stringent audit and quality standards, including SAS70 Type II. Valiant solutions empower organizations to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and streamline operations.

Our Mission

Valiant is dedicated to maintaining our position as the finest, most responsive workforce management solution provider in the industry. Our mission is to help our clients achieve verifiable cost savings and margin improvement while automating and streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and achieving best practices across their organizations. To meet those goals, Valiant combines enterprise-grade technology, a wide depth of workforce management expertise and experience and a partner-level commitment to every client relationship.