2017 Security Industry Insights and Exclusive Access to Dr. Robert D. McCrie’s Security Letter™

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44% of the Top Largest Guard Companies Are Valiant Clients, according to Dr. Robert D. McCrie’s exclusive Security Letter™. Security Letter™ is a private and exclusive publication by subscription only, but we’re giving you a sneak-peak into the featured topics and an opportunity to download the entirety of the letter, sans-subscription.


The Security Letter™ Top Largest Security Watch, Guard & Patrol Companies.

Prepared from the responses to questionnaires signed by officers for security guard revs. in the US & Canada, Dr. McCrie outlines the top security companies. Find out where you rank.


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The Main Goal of Most Security Guard Programs— It’s Not What You Think

The core expectation of a security program is to protect assets from loss— human, material, electronic, and situational. But what is the predominant goal that security companies

are looking to achieve?


The TSA Keeps Us Safe But Is Short On Strategic Thinking

The TSA deserves credit for saving airlines and big plane manufacturers. But weaknesses build when strategic thinking is absent. Find out how security in the commercial flight industry ebbs and flows.


To Thrive Today, Guard Companies Need More Than Guarding Gigs

New areas of growth are impacting traditional watch, guard and patrol agencies. Trends in recent acquisitions show how conventional guarding firms are extending themselves into related services.


Merger & Acquisition News That Defined The 2016 Security Landscape

Get all details on negotiations/purchases for companies like Gategroup Holdings, GateSafe, ICTS Europe, Per Mar Security Services and Southlake Security.


The Colossal Growth of America’s Largest Security Services Business

In the past five years, the industry has been transformed by the acquisitions binge of the now named Allied Universal. Get updates on the who, what, when, where, why & how.


SECURITY LETTER™ is a private and exclusive publication by subscription only. Valiant shares this one-time download in partnership with Dr. Robert McCrie, advancing our collective mission to provide the security industry with the data and news that counts.