5 Issues Facing the Hospitality Industry – and How You Can Solve Them

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What issues keep hotel security teams on their toes? Read below to find out.

TheftProblem: Theft

Solution: Committing to Ongoing Training of Security Personnel

Theft of money, inventory, or personal belongings jeopardizes hotel security and safety, ultimately causing guests to lose faith in your brand. Security personnel need a way to actively monitor hotel activities – this includes ensuring internal security is upheld with proper training and response procedures. It’s one thing to establish proper training to spot suspicious activity. A step further is to ensure adequate response measures are taken that are appropriate to set standards and regulations.


NaturalDisasterProblem: Violence and Natural Disasters

Solution: Maintain Emergency Response Plan and Team

A holistic emergency response action plan requires excellent communication across all teams, collaborative agreements with public law enforcement and in-house security personnel, and proactive emergency initiatives, among a few things. Plans for guest evacuations during an emergency or natural disaster require consistent training sessions and drills to prepare for any worst-case scenario.




Problem: High-Risk Areas

Solution: Maintaining Adequate Number of Tours or Patrols

While having security personnel monitor CCTV systems is an essential part of keeping high-risk areas safe – like delivery docks, gyms, parking garages, lobby areas at night – it’s only one part of maintaining a safe and secure environment. Providing a patrol concierge service to guest navigating high-risk areas, especially in the evenings, as a security escort will help provide a level of comfort that is sure to positively imprint on a guest’s overall experience.


AfterHourAccessProblem: After Hours Access

Solution: Posting Appropriate Security Personnel at Entrances

Access points, like hotel entrances or other entry ways like loading docks into the property, establishes a secure barrier and acts as a deterrent for non-guests. Restricting access with appropriate visitor management supports security efforts by authorizing access only to authorized personnel, like maintenance staff or third-party vendors.



5StrarPromiseProblem: Maintaining Staff and Employee Safety

Solution: Implementing the 5-Star Promise

In 2018, the CEOs of Hilton, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, IHG, Marriott International and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts joined AH&LA leadership in developing the 5-Star Promise to ensure appropriate security measures are taken to protect general hotel staff and employees across the country.

  1. Establishing a Security Culture
  2. Mandating Safety Reform and Harassment Policies
  3. Providing Continual Training and Education
  4. Providing Safety Devices
  5. Maintaining Ongoing Partnerships That Address Violence

Click to find more information on the 5-Star Promise.


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