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With a combination of front-line vigilance and back office intelligence, Trackforce Valiant is the world's largest security workforce management solution.

Trackforce Valiant is a leader in providing secure productivity tools for the trusted workforce. More than 300,000 professionals at over 30,000 customer sites in 45 countries use Trackforce Valiant every day to ensure the delivery of reliable services, improve operational efficiency and optimally manage their human capital. For nearly 30 years, Trackforce Valiant has provided fully integrated workforce management solutions to businesses employing hourly workers. With extensive industry expertise and state-of-the-art information systems technology, Trackforce Valiant proudly offers the most effective solutions available on the market.


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We believe in making Payroll, Time & Labor Management and Human Resources processing easy and cost effective for your business. We service multiple industries, but hold the Security, Parking, & Hospitality, industries dear to our hearts. Becoming experts in these industries was a natural path, as our products and software are designed to meet the unique needs of large hourly workforces (50 to 10,000 employees).

The Trackforce Valiant Team

Our team includes numerous industry experts who have decades of experience in fields related to management technologies and techniques that streamline processes to increase efficiency.

We work together to provide our clients with single point solutions that bring ease to all aspects of HR, reporting, paycheck records, compliance, and much more. We believe in exceeding expectations by providing our companies with not just the best in Trackforce Valiant technology, but also with exceptional support. When you work with Trackforce Valiant, our team is your team, and we strive to support your success.

Trackforce Valiant and The Power of One

We don’t just provide companies with practical payroll and HR solutions – we supplement it with personable support and guidance, because we believe that humans need to consult with other humans, not recordings. We also believe that solid HCM solutions should automate and streamline your operations, not complicate them.

Choosing to work with Trackforce Valiant is a decision that results in increased efficiency, cost control, outstanding support and the start of a long-lasting relationship. We are your single point solution for effective and streamlined solutions. Contact us today to schedule your demo, we look forward to working with you.