Are You Confident in Your Pay Stub Compliance?

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You might have heard some recent buzz about employee pay stubs not being compliant – some of the buzz is true, because not all payroll companies are compliant yet, leaving you vulnerable to wage and hour legal actions. There are …

Paid Family Leave:
What You Need To Know

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Starting in January 2018, Paid Family Leave (PFL) will take effect for New Yorkers, which means that anyone working at a private organization with at least one employee will be eligible for paid time off. While some details have yet …


Restaurants: Non-Compliance Comes With A Hefty Price Tag

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A U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation recently resulted in Oklahoma’s historic Junior’s Supper Club having to pay out $52,487 for failure to comply with wage and hour regulations. That’s a hefty price tag for an entity …