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Case in Point: How One Security Firm Streamlined Time and Labor Management and Payroll Management

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At Valiant, we have many customers that seek out our solution for Time and Labor Management, Payroll Management and Human Resources for the industry-level knowledge we provide for the hourly-workforce.  Many customers are either growing their business, or maintaining a strong position in their market, and want to operate more efficiently with their scheduling, mitigate risk with payroll compliance, and improve their revenue.

One such company we’d like to highlight is that of Securiguard Corporation.

A Growing Organization with a Growing Need

Founded in 1982, Securiguard provides government and commercial agencies with a broad range of armed and unarmed security services, as well as security administration, technology, training, and risk and vulnerability assessments. Some of their clients include the Library of Congress, the John F. Kennedy Center, and the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, to name a few.

“Prior to Valiant, we were using spreadsheets to track schedules and time collection which was a time consuming, manual process that supported our payroll processing,” explained Jesus Canales, Finance Director at Securiguard.  On average, their payroll processing time would take an average of 4 days to finalize the payroll for their 80-plus employees.  They make the decision to seek out Valiant to help them streamline the process.

A Government Contractor that Requires Strict Adherence to Compliance

Securiguard is a Government Contractor (GovCon), and as with many GovCon companies, the complexity of calculating wage rates, benefit rates and overtime can be an arduous task, especially when you consider they are managing across multiple locations, and varying post types.  Companies like Securiguard that do not have a solution to manage this can face challenges in processing pay and billing the Government.  Some of the costs and penalties from noncompliance can include:

  • Fines and Backpay: Back pay and other relief for any employees that are affected during an audit
  • Business Penalties: Contract-related penalties that can range from withholding payment, terminating your contract, all the way to debarment from ever working in the public sector.
  • Legal Costs: Costs associated with legal actions to recover any underpayments, contract violations and associated litigation.

For these reasons and more, GovCon companies need to do their due diligence in understanding regulations, the potential risks, and how to ensure compliance.  For many businesses, the complexity of calculating wage and labor to their workforce requires expertise and technology to create a seamless solution to match time worked with time earned with regulatory compliance.  The key is to implement a Workforce Management Solution that has both this expertise and technology, which is another reason Securiguard chose Valiant.


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Building a Time and Labor Management Solution, Connected to Payroll Management

Securiguard deployed Valiant for employee scheduling first and a few years later added payroll management. Setup and configuration was “super smooth” according to Canales.  As part of the time collection process, Securiguard deploys a dedicated mobile phone at each location.  To clock in and out, employees call the phone number which is uniquely coded to the location, schedule and guard. This process eliminates the need to report to a central location; guards can simply report directly to their post.  “Utilizing mobile phones for time collection is an extremely effective tool,” added Canales. “It reduces travel time to report to work, but more importantly provides an added layer of control to notify a project manager if a guard does not report in as scheduled.”

Reaping the Benefits and Returns on their Investment

With the implementation of Valiant for scheduling and payroll, Securiguard’s finance department has been able to cut their payroll processing time by over 50%, while achieving workflow efficiencies for time collection. The company also improved compliance reporting, enabling them to keep pace with the weekly requirements the government imposes as part of their service level agreement.

According to Canales, “Since we started using Valiant, verifying payroll, clock-in and clock out times, calculating taxes, and submitting compliance reports has been significantly cut down.”

Looking ahead, Securiguard plans to roll out Valiant’s self-service HR portal to allow employees to request time off, as well as access forms, handbooks, and other instructional resources.


This is just a summary of what Securiguard was able to do – for the full study, click here.


What We Believe is Important for the Hourly Workforce

We believe that the combination of our industry-expertise, pedigree for the hourly workforce and our technology make us a true partner for driving value and success with our customers.  Securiguard is just one example of many who have turned to Valiant for their Time and Labor Management, Payroll Management and HR Management to build a solution that is purpose-built for the hourly workforce.

The goal for many companies, much like Securiguard, is to operate smarter.  This means reducing the risk and streamlining operations, and that is why our integrated solution connects all aspects of our customers’ workforce to ensure compliance and accuracy.

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