Tips for Developing Employee Wellness Programs

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Employee wellness programs are proven to help improve the overall health of companies and this can help reduce costs associated with employee healthcare. Healthcare offerings and savings on ACA compliance are only part of the puzzle. Employee wellness programs can improve overall fitness while helping company culture as a whole. We share tips for developing employee wellness programs for your company.

Types of Wellness Programs

When most people think of employee wellness programs, they only think about fitness challenges. Yes, fitness is one important aspect that should be included in a wellness program, but there are other types of wellness programs to consider as well. Other types of wellness programs or wellness activities include:

  • Healthy snacks in the office
  • Fitness support in the office
  • Standing desks or more ergonomic chairs
  • Yoga & meditation mornings
  • Mental health support
  • Healthier catered lunches
  • Gym discounts or partnerships
  • Bringing pets into the workplace

Employee wellness can improve the overall health of your company, giving employees the support they need to prioritize their health. When you show employees that you value their health, they’ll take heed and begin to value it as well. When developing a wellness program outline, consider the above wellness programs in addition to a traditional wellness approach.

Tips for Wellness Programs – How to Improve Participation

Employee wellness programs are helpful to businesses, but only 20% of employees participate in these programs on average. 1 While employee wellness programs offer numerous benefits, the full effect of these benefits cannot be enjoyed if few members of your team participate. So, how do you improve employee participation in wellness programs?

We’re sharing tips for improving participation in wellness programs:

  • Offer legitimate incentives for participation, such as prizes
  • Make it a friendly competition between teams of employees
  • Participate in the program too so everyone is engaged

Incentives and participation from bosses can help improve the team’s participation in your company wellness programs.

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