Download the 2017 Robert H. Perry U.S. Contract Security Industry Whitepaper

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Of the 8,000 companies in the $24.5 billion U.S. Contract Security Industry, the top 40 Share $19 billion, or 75% of the market according to the Robert H. Perry U.S. Contract Security Industry Whitepaper. Download this exclusive whitepaper free and learn more about the state of the industry, plus insight into topics like:


What are the key sources of revenue increases? 

What are the factors causing growth and contraction?



See how your company’s Gross Profit 

and EBITDA compare to industry averages.



Who are the buyers? 

What kinds of companies are they looking for?



Why are selling prices for large security companies higher than prices for smaller ones? 

What factors are driving some companies to sell?



Current and potential changes to ACA, federal/state minimum wages, unionization, mandatory paid leave, higher unemployment and regulations (i. e. rest breaks, predictive scheduling)


U.S. Contract Security Industry White Paper is prepared and published by Robert H. Perry & Associates, Incorporated. Valiant shares this one-time free download in partnership with Robert H. Perry & Associates, Incorporated, advancing our collective mission to provide the security industry with data that counts.