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Eliminating the Risk of Turnover: Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent

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As with many service industries, people are the front lines of how companies are able to conduct business, build brand reputation and maintain profitability.  Having the right talent on those front lines helps to reinforce the brand and ensure you are delivering on your promise to the customer.  However, with turnover at an all time high, the market is competing for workers that are talented, skilled, and meet the requirements for your business.  At the same time, you want to ensure that poor performers are being filtered out and you are building the best possible workforce for your business.


The challenge that comes with this is one of time.  Companies don’t think about talent acquisition until it’s too late.  They either have trouble finding talent, keeping talent, and are forced to “rush” the process in order to keep the business running.  As a result, there is a shortening of the vetting cycle, a lapse in verifying qualifications, or they are forced to leverage existing staff to fill in for the missing ones.  This last part usually follows with the notion of overtime, which can have a massive impact on a company’s bottom line.


How can companies better manage their process of acquiring, vetting and keeping talent?  Through the use of Workforce Management systems, companies are building a better way.



Applicant Tracking Linked to Human Resource Management

Within workforce management solutions, companies are creating a funnel of talent through Applicant Tracking Systems, which link in with job boards and other resources to keep an running pool of people ready to work.  As you see talent coming through, you can tailor that applicant pool to ensure that you are getting people that are meet the minimum standards for licenses, certifications, qualification and experience.  This makes the vetting process that much easier and creates a much more qualified pool of applicants to choose from.


By integrating your applicant tracking and on-boarding into your Workforce Management Systems and Workforce management process, you can automatically get the necessary documents from them to begin to work, and streamline the on-boarding process.  What’s more than that – once they are on-boarded, they are immediately integrated into your Time and Labor Management system.  This way, as soon as they are ready to work, you can put them to work.


Managing Incidents and Performance

Not every employee is a star.  That is a reality of business, and companies need to ensure that they are not only finding great talent, but they are also filtering out poor performers.  Having a Workforce Management solution that connects your Time and Labor to incident and performance tracking will give you the visibility you need to see which talent rises to the top, and those that do not.  You will be able to see who is working their hours, showing up for work, or any incidents that will reflect on their performance.  This visibility into performance helps to understand where your stars are, but also give you insight into what to hire for going forward.


Talent and resources are a revolving door, and should be thought of as a funnel.  You want to ensure you have a consistent method for the inflow of new people into your company, but also a means to filter out those that are not performing.  This inflow and outflow of people is common in the hourly workforce; but it is one that doesn’t have to be a challenge when it happens.  By having Workforce Management Systems that provide you with the means to attract new talent quickly and effectively, while giving you visibility into performance, you can be more efficient in how you manage turnover.

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