Implementing an Employee Wellness Program for the New Year

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A new year and a new decade are finally here! Countless opportunities for you and your company lie on the path ahead, so why not create and implement your company’s wellness program now, at the very start of the new year. While many employers kick off the year with high engagement from their employees, activities slowly start to drop off after a few weeks. Our workforce team at Trackforce Valiant shares more insight about implementing an employee wellness program for the new year.

Celebrate Success

Start implementing an employee wellness program for the new year by congratulating your company on 365 days of wellness. Before creating resolutions for 2020, reflect on the 2019 wellness program milestones that can be evaluated and celebrated in the new year. Even though these achievements and lessons learned offer valuable feedback for the coming year, don’t lose sight of your goal to foster a corporate culture of health with a new employee wellness program. Therefore, use what you’ve learned from last year to create a healthier and more productive workforce.

Provide Simple Healthy Choices

To increase participation in your employee wellness programs for the new year, create healthy options that are more accessible, well-known, and interesting. For example, serve healthier snacks during meetings, in the breakroom, and vending machines. Also, consider making policy changes that will make the workplace soda- and sugar-free. You can post such nutritional messages in the restrooms, hallways, and elevators so employees will see them.

Support Personal Goals

It’s no secret that setting personal goals increases your chances of success. When implementing a new employee wellness program for the new year, encourage employees to set attainable goals for the new year in order to experience early success and its rewards. The success of an employee’s new year’s resolutions will build their confidence, keep them motivated, and challenge them to set more difficult goals that will help them grow.

Have More Fun

Companies tend to launch a new wellness program with an exciting kick-off event and great communication. However, over time, the drive to get employees involved in wellness programs goes down. Throughout 2020, refresh your employee wellness program for the new year with new team challenges, incentives, giveaways, and other fun initiatives to maintain your team’s participation.



Consistency is key for your employee wellness program for the new year in order to maintain the company’s participation and great results. If you need more advice for your employee wellness program in 2020 or you need the leading employee scheduling program on the market, give a specialist on our team a call at 516-390-1100 today!

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