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How Employees Should Use Technology, Not Just Employers

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It seems as though technology is advancing faster than ever before. There’s a lot to keep up with, and organizations become overwhelmed with the amount of new productivity and HR tools, apps, and software to learn. Unfortunately, this can trickle down to your employees and result in inefficient processes and a lack of proactive solutions. Incorporating technology from the bottom up, though, will improve your employees’ efficiency and promote a thriving business. Our workforce management team at Trackforce Valiant discusses how employees should use technology to improve the company’s overall performance.

Closing the Skills Gap

Many top-level AI professionals believe that workers who lack skills and experience are the greatest obstacles to successful AI implementation across industries. Companies will need to get more creative rather than use traditional training methods or generic eLearning software in order to close the skills gap and create a workforce that can easily adapt to technological advancements. By taking on a more modern approach to learning, companies will see a significant ROI from AI implementation and reduce their AI skills gap.

Employees should use technology that is up to date to combat the internal skills gap and find hidden strengths within the team to eliminate outdated training methods such as instructor-led classes or in-person onboarding. Personalized training technology at work can provide significant training sessions that will gauge its value in real-time.

As technology continues to develop rapidly, companies will always be in high demand for a workforce that can easily stay abreast of its advancements.

Empowering Employees is The New Normal

The time for businesses to invest in new technology is now but not many are doing so. According to the IT trade group CompTIA, U.S. employers have reported 918,000 unfilled IT jobs in the past three months. [1] Organizations can no longer expect employees to come to them for training. Instead, they should invest in technology that will improve and simplify their employees’ lives. Businesses must offer employees the tools and resources that will facilitate learning anytime and anywhere an employee may choose. Such tools should be customizable to accommodate their learning processes, which will, in turn, empower employees and produce larger shifts toward constant learning.


As there’s a consistent need to stay up to date with the latest software or AI, employees should use technology to help move the company forward. If you’d like to learn more about the use of technology in the workplace, or you need to update your workforce management software, contact a specialist on our team at 516-390-1100 today!




[1] Wall Street Journal – America’s Got Talent, Just Not Enough in IT

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