Security Workforce Solutions,
for Peace of Mind.

Our solutions were originally crafted to serve the
security industry. We’ve perfected the art of forecasting,
scheduling, time collection, calculations & reporting, all
within a unified database.

#1 Solution in the Security Industry Since 1995

We boast a software and service model that specifically fulfills the needs of security guard company owners and operators. With automated imports and reporting, seamless integration and world-class support, designed and led by industry veterans, we’re able to achieve our number one goal: providing you with a superior HCM Solution that improves your bottom line and keeps your business thriving.

  • Scheduling
  • Time Collection
  • Payroll & Billing Calculations
  • Payroll & Billing Reporting
  • Forecasting

Secured, all in one place.

Free Guide: 5 Ways to Automate your Workforce Management System

In this free guide, we provide you with 5 components to creating a workforce management system that streamlines costs, is integrated and interlinked, and creates efficiency.
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