Payroll Problems Technology Can Help Fix

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Payroll is one crucial component of business, but it’s also often the most complex. This is especially true for businesses with workforces that are primarily hourly employees, as these employees require specific approaches to completing payroll.

At Valiant, we offer hourly workforce management software that includes payroll support for businesses of all sizes and industries. We’re sharing common payroll problems that can be avoided with the proper payroll solutions.

Common Payroll Problems

For businesses relying on hourly workforces, payroll management can be a job within itself. Even businesses employing salaried employees can encounter payroll problems. Common payroll issues include:

  • Missing meal credits or tips
  • Incomplete benefits enrollment
  • Lack of eligibility of tracking
  • Inconsistent reporting for taxes
  • Errors in reporting time worked

These common payroll problems can result in failed compliance and other issues. But our payroll solutions at Valiant can help reduce the likelihood of any payroll issues. We streamline all aspects of payroll, including paycheck records and benefits management.

Payroll Troubleshooting

The best way to avoid payroll problems is to do some payroll troubleshooting. To troubleshoot payroll problems, you need to get to the root of the issue. Inconsistent information gathered at the onboarding stage can translate to further issues with taxes or reporting. Improper timekeeping techniques can result in discrepancies regarding reported hours, which can be problematic for payroll, benefits, and more.

Proactive Payroll Tips

We’re sharing proactive payroll processing tips to help ease your timekeeping and payroll. We recommend counting on automated payroll solutions from our team at Valiant for effective payroll support. With automated payroll, scheduling, timekeeping, benefits, and many other aspects of hourly workforce management can be addressed without issue. An automated approach to payroll allows businesses to streamline their complex payroll processes without spending a full-time job’s worth of hours on managing this complex aspect of operations. Technologies such as automated payroll support can avoid the above issues by removing room for human error and automating important HR components of payroll.

At Valiant Solutions, we offer payroll support and automation for businesses of all sizes across numerous industries. Whether your workforce is mainly hourly or you’re working with a team of salaried employees, you need effective and scalable payroll support that can meet the growing needs of your business. Contact our team at Valiant Solutions to learn how we can assist with payroll so these common payroll problems will be a thing of the past.

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