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Front-Line Vigilance with Back-Office Intelligence in Workforce Management

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It’s been an exciting week for the security guard industry, as Valiant Solutions and Trackforce have joined forces to become Trackforce Valiant. This brand-new company combines the front-line capabilities of Trackforce with the back-office intelligence of Valiant Solutions. The result is a true end-to-end solution for workforce management, helping security companies manage all aspects of their operations. For years, both Valiant and Trackforce have built a pedigree for workforce management within the security industry, and the combination of these two companies into Trackforce Valiant positions them as the largest workforce management solution in the market.


“Trackforce is one of the most innovative solutions for security guard management in the market, and the addition of Valiant Solutions to the team has created an exciting opportunity in the market,” explains Trackforce Valiant’s new CEO George Wright. “In acquiring Valiant and bringing their solutions onto one unified platform, we are now able to offer end-to-end management of the entire security company workforce environment that combines people, process and technology in a seamless solution. This benefits security company management, their workforce and clients. Everyone wins together.”


Trackforce Valiant


Building Intelligent Time and Labor Management, Integrated to the Front-Line

Valiant’s visual scheduling within Time and Labor Management provides you with a comprehensive view of the entire schedule. The most critical aspect of scheduling is ensuring that the right people are assigned to the right post at the right time. Intelligent business rules within Time and Labor Management automatically filter employees based on the type of post needed.


Similarly, the need to control and reduce your non-billable overtime is critical to making sure you are reducing costs and maximizing your profitability. The Time and Labor Management application filters out employees that are over hours or approaching their weekly limit, so that employees that have the available hours to work are assigned. All this information is inherited in real-time to the Trackforce application so that information is seamlessly coordinated with the front-line operation through Trackforce.


Time and Labor Management

Valiant’s Time and Labor Management application is tightly integrated with the Trackforce Guarding Solution.


Guiding Clients to Stronger Front-Line Operations With Guard Accountability and Productivity

When a guard is assigned to a post, you need to track their activities, monitor their shift times and ensure that you are meeting client requirements and their needs. Trackforce offers Web and Mobile applications to accommodate the different roles security guards have. Whether security guards are stationed at a checkpoint, lobby, or on patrol, Trackforce Web (Post) and Mobile (m-Post) applications simplify the way they manage visitors, reports, incidents, and perform guard tours, ultimately saving organizations valuable time and money.


Through the Trackforce solution, companies can realize specific gains in their operation:

  • Paper and spreadsheets have been replaced with digital incident and activity reporting that is fully customizable to meet client and site-specific requirements; these reports can then be automated into workflows to provide clients with insights that traditional methods would be incapable of providing.
  • Digital operations mean access to a real-time, centralized, security operations through the browser-based command center. Supervisors gain a complete view of their security operations — from real-time guard location tracking, guard shifts, to critical events. The command center allows business supervisors the ability to maintain oversight of multiple sites all from a central location — whether locally or globally.
  • Shift start and end times plus lunch and breaks are tracked by using either the Web (Post) or Mobile application (m-Post). The information is captured in real-time and can then be seamlessly integrated with the Valiant solution, for efficient time and labor, billing and payroll reporting.

Having this level of monitoring and control over business operations provides both effective tracking for supervisors to monitor guard activity and compliance maintenance in response to a client’s requirements. The information collected throughout the guard’s front-line operations is automatically integrated to the Valiant solution to track the activity for billing and payroll.


Trackforce Guarding App

Trackforce provides a comprehensive Mobile and Web Touring, Post Management, and Guarding Operations, Integrated with Valiant’s Back office platform.


Connecting Time Worked to Time Billed & Time Earned: Billing and Payroll Management

As shifts are completed, and the entire scheduled week nears completion, the information related to the time worked from employees is synced with Time and Labor Management in real-time. This information is connected to the pay rates and bill rates for each post and guard, so that supervisors are able to run a report on the time worked and link it to the bill rate. Once the week is completed, Trackforce Valiant is designed to make billing and payroll automated and efficient. With a few clicks, the billing manager is able to generate a billing report that shows the hours works, the posts that were filled, and the billing rates for each post at each location for the client. Intelligent business rules flag any exceptions or inconsistencies – just another compliance check that makes Trackforce Valiant unique. With just those few clicks, managers can generate an invoice for the time worked and email this invoice directly to the client to get paid for the time.


Similarly, the challenge with any operation is not only timely billing for the work but paying your employees for the time. The payroll management solution takes the time worked and syncs this information with the employee’s pay rates – including taxes, deductions, benefits, and other factors – and generates a payroll report. Intelligent business rules flag any exceptions that might occur – such as zero hours, or minimum wage thresholds – to ensure compliance.


See Trackforce Valiant at GSX

To celebrate this newly formed organization, Trackforce Valiant will be attending the Global Security Exchange (GSX) this September 10th to 12th at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Learn more about how Trackforce Valiant has created the most comprehensive and powerful solution for security workforce management at booth #1160 at the GSX show.

Join us At GSX

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