Security Tips on Staying Safe on Halloween

Halloween Security and Safety Tips

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Halloween can be a fun and often exciting day of the year, where people can “let their hair down”, be creative and have a great time.  However, in order to ensure security and safety in both residential and workplace environments, it’s important for physical security to remain extra vigilant.


Tips for maintaining Security in the Workplace

Everyone loves dressing up, and in the workplace, it can be a lot of fun to dress up and have a good time with your coworkers.  For security officers, being able to properly identify and recognize visitors and employees is an important part of keeping security and safety.


  1. Take off that Mask: When you do dress up, employees should consider removing masks and costumes that obscure their face in order to ensure that the security staff can see who you are.  In addition to proper identification, make sure your costume isn’t one that would have a security officer be unable to recognize you.  This helps to ensure that security is identifying people properly.
  2. Looking Scary Versus Being Scary: Part of Halloween is getting into the spirit and wearing scary-looking outfits.  This is a lot of fun, but when you are at the workplace, you need to understanding that, in the workplace, getting too much into character can become a challenge for maintaining security.  The last thing you want to do is to start scaring people, and cause a potential security risk.  Security officers are trained to recognize and mitigating any abnormal behavior, and if you are out there acting out of the normal, officers may deem you a security risk.  Be sure to look the part, but don’t act the part when dressing up.
  3. Let the Security Team know Ahead of Time: If your office is planning a costume party, it’s a good idea to give the security officers notice ahead of time, so they can plan for the event.  If they have advance warning about employees wearing costumes, when the costume party is, and even who’s participating, this will give them enough information on what to expect and they can prepare for the event.  As with any extraneous event, giving the security team advance notice will help provide transparency, which will help with safety and security.


Security Tips on Staying Safe on Halloween

  1. Keep your Lights on if you are expecting Trick or Treaters: Like anything, you want to provide as much visibility as possible when expecting trick or treaters.  An open, well-lit house shows that you are there, and gives parents assurance that they can see you coming and inside your house.  This helps to make everyone more comfortable.
  2. Trick or Treating with Your Kids: For smaller children, it’s not only important to be present during the trick or treating, but also to review how to trick or treat safely.  This includes trick or treating in groups, only going to well-lit houses, and how to understand “stranger danger”.  If you have older children who want to go out with their friends, make sure you have a way to track them or they can check in with you (such as Life360 or similar apps), and teach them how to contact 9-1-1 if they are in danger.
  3. Staying Close to Home: We all want to get to a lot of houses during trick or treating, but as the day and night goes on, you want to be able to get home safely.  It’s always a good idea to know how long you want to be out, and make sure that your route doesn’t stray too far from home.  This way, when it gets dark out, you are closer to home and in a familiar environment.



Security isn’t just something that is done by professionals – we all need to practice good safety and security every day.  However, on a day where the normal becomes “abnormal” such as Halloween, it’s very important to recognize the needs of security and safety in the workplace, as well as practicing good security and safety practices at home.  In the end, it will make for a much more enjoyable experience during this fun and exciting holiday.

Happy Halloween!




Security Tips on Staying Safe on Halloween

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