how to build trust in your team

How To Build Trust in Your Team

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Effectively managing hourly employees is not only about successfully achieving goals, but also building trust within the team. As an employer or HR professional, leading your team by cultivating trust can increase productivity, engagement, and teamwork. According to a recent survey by ADP, an employee is 12 times more likely to be fully engaged if he or she trusts the team leader. [1] So how can you establish trust between yourself and the team for higher engagement? Our workforce management team at Trackforce Valiant shows you how to build trust in your team.

How Do You Build Trust Among Team Members?

When building trust in teams, focus on streamlining communication without the office gossip. Some level of gossip is inevitable, but letting gossip run rampant within the workplace creates a toxic work environment where no one trusts each other. So, to build trust in your team, hold mediations between the employees who have a conflict with one another and come up with a solid resolution to limit the amount of gossip in the workplace. Also, set a good example when interacting with your employees by not gossiping with them and other management in the company.

How Do You Build Trust with Employees?

To build trust in your team and have more engaged employees, start actively listening to your subordinates. When approached by an employee with grievances, good ideas, or needs, don’t merely say “mhmm” while you’re actually thinking of your next reply. Instead, be fully present, actively listen and digest what your coworker or employee is saying. Understanding your employee’s message will show them that you sincerely care about what they have to say and you’ll be on your way to gaining the trust of your subordinates.

How Do You Encourage Effective Communication in the Work Environment?

Building trust in the workplace requires everyone to do their part. Make it known that employees should be direct, honest, and consistent with one another to keep their engagement high. Misleading and misguided communication amongst the team will make everyone distrustful of one another at the expense of effective collaboration. To build trust in your team is to have open communication throughout the workplace. When delegating assignments or transferring new customers or clients to a colleague, clear communication is key in order to build trust with employees.


Develop trust among your employees and you’ll notice an increase in engagement and productivity throughout the workplace. If you’d like to learn more about ways to build trust in the workplace or would like more information on our employee HR software, give one of our workforce specialists a call at 516-390-1100 today!




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