Workforce Solutions for the Parking Industry.

Comprehensive Time and Labor Management with integrated Payroll and Billing Management.

With a focus on visibility and control over workforce operations, Valiant Solutions is tailor-built for the parking industry.
Our integrated solution helps you to manage complex schedules, minimize costs and increase profitability.

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Operate Smarter.

Valiant's Time and Labor Management provides you with a centralized solution to manage your clients, locations, shifts and time and labor.

Key Features:
  • Scheduling Visualization: visualize your shifts for any period and use intelligent rules to assign to qualified and available staff
  • Time Collection: Leverage any number of Valiant's Time Systems including Telephony System, Biometric Clocks, and Mobile Punch with Geofencing
  • Manage Overtime: Using Intelligent business rules, filter shifts by hours worked to minimize overtime
  • Payroll Integration: One-Click Integration with Valiant's Payroll to accelerate payroll processing and reduce manual errors
  • Shift Management: Ability to implement shift posting and shift swapping to reduce administrative burden
  • Billing Management: Processing invoices concurrently with payroll to speed the time to get paid

Connect Time Worked to Time Earned.

Valiant's platform is designed to integrate Time and Labor directly to payroll. This enables you to quickly and efficiently process payroll, while minimizing errors.

Key Features:
  • Integrated with TLM: Process Payroll with a simple click to minimize processing time
  • Built with Compliance in Mind: Valiant automatically checks the wage and labor rates against your employees to ensure all requirements are met
  • Intelligent Processing: Business rules flag for any errors, ACA Reporting, Tax Deductions, Tip Management, and Accruals to ensure you don't miss anything
  • Process Billing Faster: Valiant's system can take your payroll and run a billing report against bill rates and process invoices in real-time

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HR Management

The Power of ONE.

Valiant's solution is designed to put the employee at the forefront of operations. This means that from the moment you recruit, onboard and put them into the system they are ready to be put on the schedule. It also manages their wage and labor rates, so when you process payroll the information is integrated in real-time to provide a seamless experience.

Key Features:
  • Mobile Employee Self Service Portal: Mobile and Web management of Time Off, Pay Statements, Shift and Schedule management and more
  • Applicant Tracking: ability to post jobs and approve applicants
  • Employee Management: Manage Licenses, Certifications, Training, pay rates, deductions, and more
  • Benefit Management: Manage ACA Compliance, MEC, Transit Benefits and more

Technology + Experience = Results.

With over 25 years of experience in building solutions for the hourly workforce, Valiant Solutions is designed to give you visibility and control in time, labor, payroll and human resource management.

We believe that the combination of our industry-expertise, pedigree for the hourly workforce and our technology make us a true partner for driving value and success with our customers.