Why Valiant for the Parking Industry?

Managing a remote, hourly workforce can be daunting, and presents many difficulties. Those in the parking industry know all about these difficulties, and Valiant has the tools and knowledge to assuage the affect they have on your business.

We can develop powerful, yet easy-to-use technology that you can use to better manage your large, remote, hourly workforce concerns.

By using our Web-based scheduling software, you can know exactly when an employee clocked in and, more importantly, when they need to clock out. As a result, you can reduce overtime costs, which in turn will improve your bottom line.
From payroll processing and buddy-punching, to remote scheduling and coverage forecasting, Valiant understands the issues related to managing the parking industry’s hourly employees. And, we offer solutions that give you all the tools you need, from real-time information to long-term planning.
Manual time collection processes can negatively impact your bottom line. Valiant can help you save time and money while increasing productivity. Our cost-effective approach to time and attendance will streamline your business operations, reduce inefficiencies and errors, and cut your overhead costs.
Valiant’s payroll processing software currently processes over six million dollars in wages. It also securely, accurately and automatically calculates gross-to-net earnings and prints employee checks with stub details that reflect days, shifts and hours worked by location. It can seamlessly calculate withholding and employer liability information, generate tax checks, interface with tax filing services, and enable ACH, direct deposit and pay-card services.

Valiant’s self-service portal delivers W-2, pay stubs and schedules all online, which lowers demand on your payroll department and reduces your check processing costs.