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Differences in Workplace Values Between Millennials and Older Generations

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Millennials have a reputation for being lazy, entitled, and all things terrible. But this isn’t exactly the truth, especially in the workplace. Millennials are hardworking, just like their gen x and baby boomer counterparts. But, the things that millennials value and work hard towards achieving are very different, as are their metrics of success. Our human capital management experts explore key differences to help employers achieve more success when it comes to managing millennials.


Understanding the Motivation of Millennials in the Workplace


When managing millennials, or any other employees, it’s important to understand their motivations. When it comes to millenial work ethic, the payout is what’s important to understand. In years past, working hard and paying your dues came with a pension, 401k, or other benefits employers gave to hardworking employees. But these same benefits are shrinking, and more millennials expect to be let go or fired somewhat regularly, so their focus is to only chose roles that are within their career field, not working up from the bottom as other generations have.1


How to Manage Millennials


Millennials are working to improve their skills and qualifications quickly, so they thrive on change and new challenges. Millennials seek a workplace that allows them to maintain their personal values while being their authentic selves.2


While HR software can streamline some components of employee management, it’s important to maintain a human element when managing millennials. Employers should manage millennials by:


  • Providing employees with chances for growth
  • Mentoring employees
  • Offering chances for social good or community involvement
  • Helping employees meet short-term and long-term goals
  • Considering how to support personal growth in employees


Every generation comes with its own perspectives on what it means to succeed in the workplace. At Valiant Solutions, we are here to assist with crucial aspects of your workforce management. From hire to retire, we are your partner in all components of HR, payroll management services, and more.



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