Mitigating Risk: Tracking Certifications in Workforce Management Systems

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In the security guard industry, one of the key challenges arising more frequently is the ability to ensure that you are tracking Time and Labor Management, your workforce is trained and qualified to work a post, and have the assurance that your workforce has the proper licensing and certifications to be present at those posts.  The Department of Labor keeps a fixed eye on guard firms for this reason; one of the most common citations is not meeting the regulatory requirements within your workforce management system of guards having up to date licenses.


Companies, in order to maintain compliance, need to keep track of their employees’ qualifications for this reason.  The last thing that they want to do is put a guard out in the field that does not meet qualification, or, even if they meet those qualification, not have the proper and up-to-date documentation to prove it.  This is why companies are turning to a Workforce Management System to help manage and track compliance within their Time and Labor Management systems.


A Single Solution for Time and Labor Management

Within the guarding industry, there is a tremendous amount of variability in the posts and the qualifications that are needed for each post.  Workforce management system software seeks to alleviate this challenge by providing visibility into not only the post itself, but the available guards within the workforce that are qualified to work that post.


Each time a post is open, you want to be able to select the right guard with the correct qualifications.  You want to make sure that the resources that you are sending out into the field meet the minimum required certifications, licenses and training to comply with the environment they are working within.  The last thing you want to do is send a guard to a high-risk job that hasn’t completed active shooter training, or a hazardous job that doesn’t have fire safety training.


At the same time, you need to have assurance that the certifications are up to date.  That is why having a workforce management solution that provides you with real-time tracking on licenses, training and certifications is key to this visibility.  If a license or training is expiring, you want to be notified well in advance to ensure that your guard gets renewed before they are out in the field, so you don’t run into any compliance issues.  Having a notification system can act as an “advance warning” on upcoming expirations so that you can get out in front of the training and renewals necessary.


Mitigating risk without leaving things to chance

Having the warning and notifications in place to inform you when you are out of compliance for a particular employee is one thing.  More importantly, you don’t want to run the risk of posting that guard without having this visibility.  That is why a majority of workforce management systems provide automation that will prevent you from scheduling that guard out.  Systems with intelligent business rules factor in the qualifications per post, the certifications, the time already accrued for the week, and will automatically notify you on posting guards that simply do not meet the requirements.  The system eliminates the risk by taking chance out of the equation – if they are not eligible to be at that post, the system will warn you on assigning them to that post.


Traceability in Workforce Management Compliance Reporting

Workforce Management solutions with Time and Labor Management are designed to provide you with a single source of the truth for workforce management.  Time and Labor Management and payroll management are integrated with compliance-related qualifications and incident reporting, so that any and all information related to your workforce is located in one place.  This way, when you are pulling reports on how your workforce is maintaining compliance to applicable laws and regulations, you have it readily available, in real-time, in a single location.


Having a single, common Workforce Management solution that builds in Time and Labor Management to keep all this information and provide compliance reports can be a major influence on your organization’s ability to stay in business, stay profitable and stay ahead of regulatory concerns.



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