Guard Tracking with Valiant and GuardMetrics

Mobile solution for Security Guard Touring Management, integrated with Valiant’s Workforce Management platform gives you visibility into real-time officer management.

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Time and Labor Meet Touring

Security guard companies and agencies need to leverage all technologies to ease their operations. At Valiant, we have partnered with GuardMetrics to offer mobile guard solutions for greater visibility and control over guard tracking for greater mobile patrol control. We have provided a mobile solution that is designed to augment the concept of touring and working a post.

Valiant’s guard scheduling software provides you with the ability to manage and track your employees’ time and labor, providing solutions to validate posts, ensuring your guards arrive to a shift on time and work the post. Valiant’s integration with GuardMetrics takes it a step further by incorporating touring into your workforce.

The security management solutions provided by GuardMetrics allow for mobile patrol, giving management the ability to set up checkpoints at client locations. These checkpoints can be scanned by guards during their tour, leveraging mobile technologies for deeper visibility not only into shifts worked, but into tours completed during these shifts.

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Key Features:

  • Use on ANY mobile smart device
  • Mobile Activity and Incident reports with integrated pics and/or video
  • Scan QR codes, RFID or NFC tags at checkpoints in real-time
  • Guard patrol and tour tracking
  • Time-stamp and geo-tagged location with every event
  • Visitor and Facility Access Management
  • Trespass Management: ban individuals with centralized situational intelligence
  • Post Order Management
  • Real-time alerts
  • Task Management
  • Client Portal: clients can view their own reports
  • Connect TLM with Touring Data
  • Leverage tour information in Payroll and Billing
  • Run Reports on Guard Tours, Shifts
  • Detailed Invoices showing location, shift, post and tour data
  • Post Verification and Validation
  • Shift Posting and Shift Swapping
  • Integrate TLM with Payroll
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Incident Management
  • Employee Self Service Portal: displays schedule, mobile check-in, and pay information

Built with the Security Workforce in Mind.


Ease of Use

Real-Time Data

Integrated Solution

Client Visibility

Built for Security

Mobile Technology can be used on any Device
Collect data on Shifts, Tours and Patrol Checkpoints
Connect Tour and Patrol Data to TLM
Community Portal to deploy a reporting tool to all stakeholders within your clients
Valiant and GuardMetrics are built by security professionals for security professionals

Mobile Guard Solutions

Many companies need geographic-specific security guard tracking by monitoring the location of any guards on mobile patrol. By partnering with GuardMectrics, we are able to offer detailed tracking of all mobile guards, with location-specific position tracking. This guard tour management software allows managers and companies to track locations of guards to confirm completion of routes and monitored areas.

Additional Support for Guard Scheduling and Tracking

In addition to providing solutions for mobile patrol, our technologies at Valiant also support all aspects of security guard employee management. We’re your trusted human resources software provider, with industry-specific solutions for your team. We also specialize in tracking all benefits, including our proprietary ACA compliance software that ensures all eligible employees are supported.

When it comes to managing an hourly security guard workforce and their patrol support, our partnership with GuardMetrics enables our team to meet and exceed all expectations. Schedule your demo today!

Better Together: Integrated Solution for Managing your Workforce

Guardmetrics provides you with a deeper level of visibility into your workforce operations, leveraging mobile technology to track activities during a shift. Valiant is able to provide you with the ability to assign the most qualified and available resource to a schedule, and have their time and labor connected to payroll and billing. This combination gives you control over the operational, administrative, and in-field activities and creates a seamless solution to connect time worked to time earned, as well as time billed.

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