Employee Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

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Hiring and onboarding a new employee involves a considerable amount of paperwork, forms, and processes. As a leader in employee scheduling software, we’re here to support your business when it comes to human capital management. From hire to retire, we’re your partner in all aspects of employee scheduling, management, payroll, benefits, and more. The onboarding process can be complex, which is why our human resources software has been developed to ease this process. There are many onboarding mistakes that can be avoided with the right software.

Common Employee Onboarding Mistakes

Businesses big and small are prone to common employee onboarding mistakes. These mistakes aren’t just focused on paperwork or forms, other onboarding mistakes can set an employee up for a shaky future. Some common onboarding mistakes include:

  • Flooding an employee with paperwork that takes endless hours to fill out
  • Not having tasks or training set up for the employee’s first day
  • Failing to have the right paperwork filled out
  • Ignoring employee eligibility for benefits
  • Failing to schedule the new employee properly

These onboarding mistakes can set an employee up for a shaky start. But with HR and employee scheduling software from Valiant, you can ensure onboarding is properly executed for a smooth start. Onboarding doesn’t have to be a complicated process, our team at Valiant is here to support you through onboarding and beyond. Explore our employee onboarding guide below.

Employee Onboarding Tips

As experts in human capital management, we’re proud to offer the technologies that can ease your onboarding processes. Follow these important tips when onboarding a new employee:

  • Send paperwork to be completed in advance
  • Develop and implement a first day schedule for all new employees
  • Consider extending onboarding processes through the employee’s first week or weeks of work
  • Start employees with simple wins as their first tasks to develop confidence
  • Assign a guide to new employees, specifically more friendly or experienced employees to guide them
  • Use human resources technologies or software to automate many aspects of employee onboarding

The new employee onboarding process can set the stage for an employee’s entire experience with your company. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that you’re properly onboarding employees and avoiding common onboarding mistakes.

At Valiant, we offer the technologies your business needs to properly onboard employees for a smooth start. With our HR software and onboarding technologies, you can ease this crucial step in hiring new employees. Contact us today to schedule your free demo to learn more about our options and programs.

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