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At Trackforce Valiant, Inc, our security industry specialists offer businesses the support they need to securely track, staff, and manage their security workforce. Our security workforce software simplifies scheduling, compliance, payroll, and all aspects of managing employees within this complex industry. Tracking guards, paying workers, and meeting industry compliance needs are all challenges faced by security industry businesses, and we have developed custom software that meets these and many other challenges.

Why Security Industry Companies Choose Us

We know that successful HCM and payroll software for the security industry is about more than just tracking hours. Successful software assists with all aspects of your business, such as recruiting for security guard jobs, onboarding, license tracking, and payroll processing.

Businesses within the security industry have chosen our technologies because they trust in the customized solutions we have developed for this demanding line of work. Security companies are required to meet staffing requirements that vary depending on type of security provided, location, and guard licensing or certification. Tracking these and other elements of your security workforce can be overwhelming, but with our solutions, you can track every element needed to properly staff, record hours, and process payroll.

Trackforce Valiant Security Clients

Our security industry workforce tools are trusted by top names within the security field. Since our founding in 1995, we have proudly been meeting the workforce management needs of businesses within the security industry.

We’re lucky to work for some truly amazing clients, money-makers and trailblazers across the nation who maintain the core principles on which Valiant was founded: passion, support, and integrity.

Start Operating Smarter & Increasing Your Profit Margins! 

At Trackforce Valiant, we understand what security companies need when it comes to their workforce management software and solutions. Since 1995, our Trackforce Valiant security clients have received the most responsive and in-depth support for their workforce management, payroll, and more. Our list of satisfied security clients is continuing to grow to include businesses from all corners of the security industry.

Discover Our Security Payroll and Staffing Solutions

Join our growing network of security industry clients to learn what makes our solutions the best in the business. Leading companies within the security industry have trusted our solutions for years, relying on our customized workforce management solutions to simplify all aspects of staffing, payroll, human resources, and much more.

If you are ready to improve your guard scheduling, payroll, human capital management, or other aspects of security workforce management, we invite you to discover the Trackforce Valiant difference. We have been the number one choice in security industry workforce management software since 1995, and our popularity among security clients is continuing to grow.

We invite you to learn more about our security industry workforce management solutions. Joining our network of satisfied security clients will help to simplify all aspects of security workforce management, payroll, and much more. You can request your complimentary consultation for security workforce management software to explore our industry-leading solutions yourself.