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Single integrated solution for HR, payroll and compliance, specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

All Your Data in One Place

Automated Data Flow

One-time Data Entry

HR, Labor, General Ledger, and Payroll Solution


Features & Benefits

  • Skilled consultants leveraging industry expertise to personally guide you through the system
  • Flexible configuration that centralizes payroll and HCM data
  • Real-time alerts, notifications and guided warnings keeping you compliant
  • Hospitality-driven reporting including credits and tax forms (Uncollected FICA, FTTC, 8027)
  • Full solution (ACA, Pay as you go Workers Comp, Commuter Benefits, Tax Filing, WOTC, Unemployment Claims Management)
  • FHistorical payroll data and file access, making audits and administration a breeze
  • FMultiple employee payment options (Pay Cards, Direct Deposit, Cash Vouchers, Official Bank Checks)

Industry Leading Experience

Specializing in the hospitality market, Valiant and Compeat offer a best-of-breed solution to automate time collection and tip data and manage payroll processing, reporting, and compliance.

We Offer

Support for blended tipped overtime rates

Compliance with all minimum wage changes and updates

Paystub compliance and extended pay statement details

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