Our Partners

Our Partners

Better, Together.

Valiant works with companies to address complex workforce challenges on a national scale. Our partners contribute ideas, support and benefits, helping to build stronger solutions for our clients and communities.

Premier Partners



Restaurant Management Software

The largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve the profitability of restaurants nationwide.

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Government Contractor Service

Insight into the intricacies of government contracts, giving you the ability to utilize revolutionary tools when working with federal, state, and local governments.

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Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Benefit Solutions

Administration of tax-free benefit services, giving you the technology that saves money and boosts employee satisfaction.

Walton Management Services, Inc.

Tax Credits

Reduces your federal and state tax liability, identifying opportunities for hire, wage, and location-based tax credits.

August Benefits

Employee Benefits

Customizable employee benefits packages to size, location, employee count, demographics type of business and your bottom line.


Unemployment Claims Management

Decreases liabilities and expenses associated with your employees by managing unemployment costs with tax analysis and recovery services, benefit audits, and detailed reporting.


Interested in teaming up with Valiant? Whether its Sales, Marketing and/or Integrations, let’s talk about the partner program that’s right for you.