Comprehensive Human Resources Solution

The Valiant Human Resources Solution is your valued partner in helping you manage and execute every important aspect of your human resources department. Whether your company has 50 employees, 1500, or more, the Valiant Human Resource Solution is a state of the art, cloud-based human resources management and monitoring system that does all of the heavy lifting for you. Practical yet intuitive at the same time, now you can take control of day-to-day human resource issues. You can also keep the lines of communication open 24/7 with Powerful Alerts, our brilliant employee notification system.

Employee Self Service

Empower your workforce and improve employee morale while cutting administration costs. Valiant provides a secure, web-based two-way communications portal through which employees can access HR data of all types (online leave requests, vacation availability, hours worked, benefits administration, incentive programs and more).

Compliance Management

Automatic FMLA leave tracking, OSHA status, worker's compensation class, disability and veteran status.

Compensation and Performance Reviews

Automatic recording of employee reviews, compensation changes, payroll data, performance histories and more.


Automatically tracks all leave types (vacation, sick leave, jury duty, etc.); automatically calculates eligibility, accrued time, carryovers, and amounts taken and lost leave due to exceeded maximums.

Electronic Pay Stubs

Generates and manages electronic pay stubs.


Generates a large number of pre-defined reports, customizable based on multiple parameters (location, department, job title, supervisory status, etc.)

Applicant Tracking

Our embedded Applicant Tracking System is fully automated and totally simplifies because it's embedded in the HR application and initiates the hiring process workflow.


Hiring a new employee can be a cumbersome, painstaking process. Not anymore! Valiant's New Hire Wizard automates and simplifies the processes. Think of the New Hire Wizard as your hands-on hiring partner. The system supports you with a step-by-step guide that walks you through the hiring process. When an employee comes on board, the New Hire Wizard helps you manage all the details, from personal information and employment history to benefits, compliance, I-9, W-4, and more.

Professional Attributes

Valiant Human Resources Solution helps you track employee performance while gathering feedback on an ongoing basis to get the best results out of your workforce. It also proactively stores and alerts critical details and required actions for licenses, training, performance, as well as other personal attributes.

Alert System

Staying on top of compliance issues used to be arduous and time-consuming. We've taken a great leap forward with out new Alert System. You have the ability to determine your own alerts based on your needs and requirements. No limit to the number or types of alerts. The information becomes a "push with credibility" and an appropriate alert is sent to the right employees. It's just one more way Valiant Human Resources Solution thinks ahead and monitors items - so you can concentrate on her and now!

Reports and Key Performance Indicators

Need full reports executed in a hurry? No problem. Our Reports and Key Performance Indicators are available for rapid, easy access at any time. Our new, powerful Query Builder pulls data across all areas of the human capital management system to deliver a global view of your employees.


Valiant Human Resources Solution is your portable partner as well. Take you Human Resources Personal Assistant with you wherever you go. Simply log in on your Windows, Mac, Android, tablet, Smartphone, or iPhone. You work hard; now your powerful HR partner does too, right along with you.