Simple Payroll

Paying your employees timely and accurately is a critical function of every business. Valiant's Payroll software is flexible, functional, and easy to use because we developed it with you the end user in mind. Valiant helps you perform all of your payroll functions simply and efficiently. Our robust payroll engine is both flexible and scale-able, and since it is in the cloud, it is available to you anytime and anywhere.

Superior Service

At Valiant, great service does not happen by accident, but by design. Every Valiant client is assigned a dedicated payroll rep and a backup. The two reps operate as a team which allows them to become very familiar with each other's accounts so they can provide a higher level of service.

Paperless Payroll

Paperless Payroll is not only great for the environment; it's also great for you and your company. Our new software creates all of your reports the minute your payroll is processed. A link to your reports is instantly sent via email to you and any third party you designate, like your accountant. These reports are encrypted to ensure data security and are stored on our servers forever, at no cost to you.

Data Collection

Securely, accurately and automatically gathers and coordinates all time and attendance data generated by Valiant’s workforce management tools.

Security and Access

Valiant clients enjoy 24/7 access to their data. Valiant’s secure data center performs nightly exports to a remote data storage facility. In the unlikely event of a disaster, business operations are automatically shifted to Valiant’s “hot site” –in most cases, without an interruption in service.


Payroll taxes are complicated and no one likes doing them. Valiant provides U.S. federal, state, and local tax updates automatically so you do no have to worry about tax compliance. In addition, we can handle all of your garnishments and levy calculations and remit those payments on you behalf. Valiant will also handle your New Hire reporting and State Disbursement Unit (Child Support) as well.

Quick and Easy

Doing payroll with Valiant is quick and easy. Our software calculates in real-time so once you have entered all of your payroll data, you can instantly pull up pre-processing audit reports. Employees are allowed unlimited earning, deductions, taxes, direct deposit accounts and accruals which provide you tremendous flexibility.

Alert System

Using our foundation based alert system, you can send custom notifications via email at any point during the payroll process. Send alters when any gross or net checks exceed a limit that you specify before the payroll is processed. Alerts can also be sent to your employees notifying them when their pay stubs are ready to be viewed in the portal.

Payroll Information

For convenience, payroll information is available in the portal through our employee and manager self-service module. Our systems provide seamless access to pay information so your employees can see pay stubs and details of the hours worked and rates paid. With Valiant's TLM, once employees' hours have been reviewed and approved, you automatically import our Time and Attendance data directly into the payroll to process gross to net calculations and create pre-processing audit reports.


Today, Valiant processes over 5 billion dollars per year for 2,500 companies in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.