Quick Fixes to Keep Your Small Business in Compliance

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There’s so much that goes into running a small business that many owners forget one important factor of their operations – compliance. Compliance in business is ensuring that your employees have a safe workplace and that all federal, state, and local laws are being met in regards to staffing, pay, and benefits. Business compliance regulations can vary from one state to the next, and many industries have additional compliance requirements. Our experts share tips on how to keep your business in compliance.


Understanding Compliance Requirements


When working to ensure your business is compliant, you must first recognize the compliance requirements for your business, industry, and location. For example, some states have updated their wage requirements to match a minimum wage increase for 2019, and there are more increases on the way for many states. If your business is not meeting minimum wage requirements, it is not compliant.


Compliance requirements are in place to ensure the safety and welfare of employees. These requirements hold employers responsible for meeting specific rules, including healthcare compliance, training compliance, and workplace safety compliance. We offer technologies designed to meet your business’s compliance needs, such as our ACA compliance technology, security guard staffing solutions, and hospitality industry payroll solutions that include meal credits and other required features.


Ways to Keep Your Small Business in Compliance


Our technologies offer the fastest solutions for keeping your small business in compliance, no matter the industry. Our systems can assist with healthcare compliance, benefits compliance, paycheck compliance, staffing compliance, and much more.


Follow our quick tips for improving your business compliance:


  • Ensure all eligible employees are enrolled for healthcare, track enrollment offers
  • Use a secure method for storing paycheck records that employees can access when needed
  • Stay on top of your state’s minimum wage laws to ensure you’re meeting the right pay requirements
  • Learn about any possible industry-specific compliance requirements
  • Offer your employees all their necessary paperwork upon hiring, track their receipt and confirmation of these papers


Compliance should be a top concern for companies from all industries, as failure to meet compliance needs can result in large fines and other complications for businesses from all around the country. Don’t risk it, let our team at Valiant help improve your business compliance.


Contact our Compliance Team Today


At Valiant Solutions, Inc., we’ve designed our technologies to better assist businesses in meeting all compliance needs. Failure to stay compliant can result in higher employee turnover and worse yet, lawsuits or fines from governing bodies. Contact our office today to learn how we can help improve your business compliance with our customized workforce management technologies.

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