How Technology Can Help in Reducing Employee Turnover

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The hiring and onboarding processes are major investments in a new employee, and high rates of employee turnover can be costly. At Valiant Solutions, Inc., we know that technology is the high employee turnover solution many companies are failing to utilize. The right technologies can help reduce turnover and encourage company loyalty by exceeding employee expectations when it comes to payroll, human resources, hiring, and much more. We’re sharing our top tips for reducing turnover with our solutions, including our leading payroll management software.

Reducing Employee Turnover is About More than Pay

Yes, competitive pay is an important factor in reducing employee turnover, but pay is only one piece of the puzzle. Even if your company employs workers within the highest minimum wage state, you may still experience high turnover rates. Effective payroll management is also important, employees expect to receive paychecks regularly and with complete reporting of their hours, benefits, vacation, or other elements.

Our HCM technologies have been developed to exceed employee expectations when it comes to compliance, record storage, and many other aspects of management.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover with Technology

We have developed a variety of technologies aimed at reducing turnover rates and improving company loyalty. Our technologies simplify hiring strategies, staffing, payroll, and so much more. Here are popular features of our technologies that can help with reducing employee turnover:


  • Easier hiring and onboarding. A haphazard onboarding process can leave new hires confused about the professionalism of your company and its policies overall. Our HR software easies onboarding, hiring, compliance, and so much more. With streamlined onboarding, employees can gear up quickly and feel secure with their choice of work.
  • Competitive and compliant healthcare. Our ACA compliance solution helps identify and enroll qualified employees for healthcare and related benefits. With automated and integrated ACA compliance solutions, businesses can quickly enroll qualified employees for greater workplace satisfaction.
  • Bonus benefits. While salaries are important, many employees consider additional benefits when weighing the options of staying with their current employer or seeking employment elsewhere. With our benefits management software, businesses can easily integrate additional benefits such as commuter benefit programs.


At Valiant Solutions, Inc., we have developed a wide array of workforce management solutions that can assist in reducing turnover and encouraging company loyalty by streamlining many aspects of workforce management. Contact us today to learn how our technologies can help as your turnover solution.

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