Free Paper: Navigating the ACA: Are you in Compliance?


Receiving an ACA Violation Letter Can Be Daunting; Don't Panic.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been getting quite a bit of attention lately in the news, mostly around the legality and future of the program. While healthcare remains an important debate in Washington, down at the “ground level” it is still very much a reality. ACA is still the rule of the land, and companies that are over 50 Full Time Employees (FTE) need to adhere to the law or face potential fines from the IRS.

There is a misconception on how the IRS actually determines who’s in compliance versus the accuracy of that information. Let’s look at how ACA fines can happen, the common missteps to remedying compliance letters, and how to navigate ACA.

Let us help you maintain compliance and minimize risk: