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Workforce Management Solution

Trackforce Valiant is a comprehensive platform for workforce management, and includes uniquely tailored solutions for Time and Labor Management, Payroll Management and Human Resource Management. Trackforce Valiant is purpose-built for the hourly workforce, and has developed the tools and technology to create visibility and control for the complexities of managing hourly employees.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Benchmark your Growth in the Security Industry

When looking to grow your security business, there are several key benchmarks you must consider on your journey. In this webinar, we outline the Security Growth Curve, which provides you with the context of the different levels of maturity to effectively assess where you are relative to the industry in terms of value and maturity. If you are trying to improve your financing with your current provider, looking to expand into new markets or new products, keep key employees, or looking to take some money off the table, you should invest 50 minutes of your valuable time.


On-Demand Webinar: The Guarding outlook - Trends in Hiring, Retention & Turnover

With more job options available, employees are turning away from guard jobs and creating resource challenges at guard companies. What are the top trends for hiring, retaining, and staffing guards in an increasing variable job market? In this webinar, we will outline the key themes surrounding the state of the guard industry, highlighting some of the ways in which security firms are mitigating the risks associated with turnover to retain talent, hire skilled guards, and minimize costs associated with onboarding and administration.


Time and Labor Management

Trackforce Valiant’s Time and Labor Management solution is a fully featured application to enable organizations to pay and schedule staff, set up rules to bill clients for time works, and build in intelligence to manage the intricacies of payment, time and labor, according to different pay scales, pay levels and wage rates.

Payroll Management

Trackforce Valiant’s payroll management is an easy and effective way to build intelligence into the process of compiling and processing payroll. Our solution allows you to run payroll in conjunction with our TLM solution, or independently. Running payroll in Trackforce Valiant is as simple as the click of a few buttons, and the system automatically runs payroll against your employee’s schedule.

Human Resources Management

Our HR solution helps you to manage your employees, from hire to retire. Within the solution, we provide you with an applicant tracking system, that allows you to post job opening and attach those links to job boards and job sites, and have your employees apply online directly within the Trackforce Valiant portal. As employees apply, administrators or HR managers will receive email alerts in real-time when a job is applied for, and can accept or reject with a click of a button. You can also generate the necessary forms, such as the I9 and W4 forms and have them signed and scanned directly into the employee profile.

Trackforce Valiant Portal

Trackforce Valiant’s Portal is a centralized location where you can send information to your employees, allow them to access training videos, post their schedules, notify them of any news, and provide information on available shifts that your need to fill. It also includes a mobile application that lets employees respond to notifications, view their shifts for the week, respond to new shifts they can pick up, swap shifts with other employees, and view their current pay information. This centralized hub for both Mobile and Web provides a single source for you to communicate with employees in the field.

ACA Compliance Solution

Our HR solution provides compliance solutions to help you maintain control and mitigate risk. The ACA compliance solution within HR Management enables you to track eligibility rules for employees with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and notifies you when employees are coming up for eligibility.