Newest Developments in Security Guard Technology

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When most experts consider the future of security guards and the industry as a whole, images of over-automation and a robot force of security guards come to mind. But no, the future of security guards is not mechanized, but it is a future that works with technology to improve the efficiency of guards and reporting.


At Valiant Solutions, Inc., we have been providing the security industry with leading security workforce management software and solutions for staffing since 1995. Our products were all created with the security industry in mind, giving us a detailed understanding of the security industry’s technology needs. 2019 and 2020 are bringing new developments in security technology.


Innovation in the Security Industry – There’s an App for That


The security industry is seeing a new wave of innovation with technologies that can help with tracking, staffing, and much more. The newest waves of security guard technology aren’t robot security guards, it’s apps for handheld devices that allow guards to better track incidents, patrol routes, and so much more.


The newest innovation in the security industry is handheld, putting the power of reporting, tracking, and compliance in guards’ hands. This type of mobile patrol system allows guards to better report on issues and manage incidents. Apps are allowing guards to work with real-time alerts, task management, and so much more, all from a cell phone or tablet.


Bringing Facial Recognition to Security Guard Technology


Facial recognition is another frontier for innovation in the security industry, and this is being used on a larger scale in many locations. Many major tourist destinations, such as King’s Cross in London, are already using facial recognition software to keep the area more secure by identifying possible problem visitors.


Facial recognition technologies may soon replace keycards, fingerprint scanners, or other technologies currently in place for entry methods at many secured facilities.


Using New Security Guard Technology


As new technologies continue to herald innovation in the security industry, it’s important to ensure that your business follows proper safety procedures before implementing every new piece of technology. With increased accessibility to data such as facial recognition information comes increased risk for data breaches that can be catastrophic. Companies should only implement fully vetted security workforce technologies.


With numerous industry leading Valiant security clients who have trusted our technologies since 1995, we’re proud to be the security industry’s technology of choice. Contact our team today to learn more about our technologies for the security industry.

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