Applicant Tracking


Streamlined Hiring

Talented employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Still, attracting, screening, and hiring employees quickly and efficiently is difficult to manage manually.

Valiant’s Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) provides users with a tool to effectively transform that outdated, complicated, paper and spreadsheet method into an effective business process that will save you time and eliminate organizational errors.

Interface Design

Valiant works to make the Applicant Tracking interface have the same look and feel as your company’s own website, giving applicants a feeling of consistency and professionalism.


Spend less time worrying about paperwork for potential hires and more time focusing on finding the right people for your team.


The portal makes it easy for potential applicants to view all of the open positions, job descriptions and requirements.

Applicant History

ATS alerts provide immediate notification if an applicant has history with your company, has applied before, or has failed prior background checks.

Consistent Information

Because Applicant Tracking is a core part of our total Human Capital Management Solution, all the information gathered during a hiring process is instantly added to the single database that houses all employee information. This prevents loss of data during the transition from applicant to employee.

Tracking Positions

The tracking of open positions, the candidates who have applied and those who have been screened/hired is very difficult to do manually, especially for large organizations.Valiant’s ATS is the solution to make these tasks easy and efficient.


Valiant’s ATS is unique in that it’s a core component of our total Human Capital Management Solution, not just an application that sends data to your HR System. Simply post your openings on your favorite job boards, along with a link to your custom portal. Online applicants are instantly directed to a Valiant provided portal that is configured to match the look and feel of your company website.


Your portal contains all of your open positions, locations, and job descriptions, including experience and skills required for the position. Since Valiant’s ATS provides a functionality that includes unlimited storage for job postings, individuals can apply for one or more jobs by completing the application and upload their resume, reference letters and cover letter. It also allows users to look back at historical data for compliance purposes.

Smart Features

Managers have the ability to see all the applicants who have applied for their open positions and determine which candidates they would like to advance to the next stage in the hiring process. If an applicant has previously applied for a position with your company or has worked for your company in the past, he or she is immediately identified by our ATS using the applicants email address and social security number.

Ease of Use

Managers can easily move candidates through the hiring workflow, changing their status to indicate where they are in the process. Upon making the decision to hire a candidate, a click of the hire button changes the candidate from applicant to employee. All the data that has accumulated through the hiring process gets nestled into their HR profile for future use.

ATS Alerts

Valiant’s alert system complements our ATS. Alerts are used as a tool to communicate directly with an applicant, notifying them regarding their status in the hiring process. The criteria for the alert, including messaging and recipients, are all configured by you. You are free to be as creative as you want and there is no limit to the number of alerts you can setup for your company.