Applicant Tracking


Streamlined Hiring

Talented employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Still, attracting, screening, and hiring employees quickly and efficiently is difficult to manage manually.

Valiant’s Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) provides users with a tool to effectively transform that outdated, complicated, paper and spreadsheet method into an effective business process that will save you time and eliminate organizational errors.

Interface Design

Valiant works to make the Applicant Tracking interface have the same look and feel as your company’s own website, giving applicants a feeling of consistency and professionalism.


Spend less time worrying about paperwork for potential hires and more time focusing on finding the right people for your team.


The portal makes it easy for potential applicants to view all of the open positions, job descriptions and requirements.

Applicant History

ATS alerts provide immediate notification if an applicant has history with your company, has applied before, or has failed prior background checks.

Consistent Information

Because Applicant Tracking is a core part of our total Human Capital Management Solution, all the information gathered during a hiring process is instantly added to the single database that houses all employee information. This prevents loss of data during the transition from applicant to employee.