Communication Center


Easier Supervision

In today’s fast paced business environment, communication is more critical than ever. Supervisors and managers overseeing a remote workforce need an efficient means of tracking employee attendance, preferably in real time. Valiant is pleased to introduce the next generation of workforce management solutions, Communication Center. With inbound dialing with workflow, supervisors can seamlessly manage their workforce with one phone call.

Workforce Management

Communication Center allows for easy management of remote workforces. Supervisors are automatically notified when employees fail to make a shift and are quickly replaced.

Efficient Solutions

By letting Communication Center bear the brunt of the burden of a dynamic schedule, back-office personnel can devote more resources to other endeavors, making these employees more productive. An Outbound Calling option with phone number authorization and a configurable menu to route calls allows supervisors to manage their workforces easily and efficiently.

Ease of Use

Replaces absent workers automatically and in accordance with whatever necessary metrics there are in place, including licensing, previous job site experience, weekly hour limits, etc.


Customizable options allow managers to choose how they are notified of absent employees as well as create specific messages for different employees.

Employee Tardiness/Absence

When an employee fails to show up for work, the automated Communication Center calls the employee to confirm the reason why he or she is not present. The employee is given a list of ‘absence reasons’ to choose from to describe the reason for failing to show up to work. Individual messaging to single employees or groups of employees gives supervisors the freedom to contact specific personnel with custom messages.

Communication Center Alert

Once the reason is confirmed, Communication Center alerts the supervisor and explains the reason for the open post. The supervisor has the option to manually fill the position, or allow Communication Center to automatically select the next best qualified employee to fill the position based on pre-set customized credentials, such as hours worked, hourly rate, seniority, etc.

Smart Technology

While working in tandem with Valiant’s full suite and following rules regarding required licenses, prior work location experience, and qualifications, the position is filled automatically without creating scheduling conflicts for employees. Thanks to interactive prompts that guide employees and supervisors through the reporting and scheduling process, little training is required. Additionally, supervisors have the freedom of receiving alerts by email, text, or call.

Supervisor Approval

The system alerts the supervisor of its choice, and once the chosen employee is approved, the system calls out to the replacement. When the replacement agrees to fill the position, Communication Center notifies the supervisor that the position was filled in real time. With the Web and the power of mobile technology, Communication Center allows for seamless monitoring of remote staff, and gives supervisors true peace of mind, knowing that all client facilities are properly staffed. Working with all TLM products in the application suite in real-time, it ensures accountability, and improves management and supervisory efficiency.