Employee Self Service Portal

Mobile engagement for employees on HR, scheduling, time and labor and payroll.

See How We Can Add More Value To Your Workforce Management System

Operate Smarter.

Monitoring every nuance of human resources activity can be daunting. Managers simply don’t have the time to oversee and execute every single detail of the business.

Valiant's Employee Self Service Portal Stores and reveals vital information to personnel, allows them to communicate, update personal profiles and interact with managers. Valiant’s Employee Self Service streamlines the flow of critical data, yielding greater efficiency, cooperation, and smarter HR operations.

Build Better Employee Interest & Engagement.

Valiant’s ESS also functions as an internal communication device, enabling managers and employees to interact and post pertinent company information, news items, and reminders. This presents employees with an invaluable asset – a vested interest in the organization, while increasing productivity at all levels.

With ESS, on-site and field-based employees have greater control and access, are encouraged to communicate, and have pertinent information always at their disposal. Plus the portal can be accessed anytime via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The result is increased speed, heightened efficiency, complete accuracy, and measurable cost effectiveness.

Key Features:

Valiant’s Employee Self Service or ESS, fills in the informational gaps that can be burdensome and time-consuming, giving employees and managers a better handle on their respective jobs, while increasing productivity. It lets employees log in directly to your company portal to view and print individual pay history, access their tax forms like W-2s and view their personal record. As a cloud-based solution, ESS is available around the clock, 365 days a year. It provides secure interaction that yields high dividends.

Empower Employees

Valiant’s Employee Self Service (ESS) software maximizes worker value and self-worth through interaction and engagement. Whether employees are on-site or off-site, our portal brings employees together and reinforces employee relations and loyalty. Numerous studies indicate that employees are more productive when they feel connected, and personally empowered.