Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

Integrated Solution for Mobile and Web Recruiting

Building a seamless recruiting and onboarding experience.

Perhaps the greatest impact on any company’s ability to operate efficiently and impact their costs are their employees. Recruiting the right employee can provide long term value, but the wrong employee can increase turnover and cause resource gaps many cannot afford. The average cost of hiring the wrong employee can be anywhere from $1500 to upwards of $6000 per employee.
Reduce the cost to hire and onboard employees
Improve the ability to screen the right candidates
Automate the process of attracting and onboarding talent

Valiant Solutions integrated with TraitSet Applicant Tracking and Onboarding can produce results.

Take your recruiting to the next level:

Employee Life Cycle Management for Modern Recruiting

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  • Multi-Channel Job Posting: Post Positions and distribute to multiple job boards at once, including social media posting
  • One-Click Apply: Ability to enable a single click to apply
  • Text-to-Apply: Provides ‘keywords’ that can be texted to access Application page immediately. No registration required!
  • Behavioral Assessments: Includes a short applicant assessment proven to determine quality of a candidate – work ethic, integrity, leadership, etc. - More information than what is on a self-reported application or resume
  • eOnboarding: Digital new hire forms are pre-filled from applicant responses reducing time up to 90%. Also integrates with background check, tax credit and eVerify platforms
  • Employer Dashboard: Personalized company dashboard that shows all applicants by name, position applied, location, as well as Behavior Assessment ratings. Ability to immediately call, email, text, make notes or view applications from a single view
  • Mobile experience: Accessible via any internet device; Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC.

Reaping the Benefits of Applicant Tracking with TraitSet and Valiant Solutions

Companies leveraging TraitSet see a marked improvement in the ability to quickly and effectively screen applicants and hire right – the first time. This has proven to reduce turnover from 20% to 50% through the use of the solution.
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Valiant is currently partnered with TraitSet to become the preferred Applicant Tracking Solution for the hourly workforce, connected to the TraitSet workforce management platform.

This partnership will enable operators a single solution to source, filter and onboard new applicants from a single solution – then have this information directly integrated into the Valiant Solution platform. One single process that takes you from applicant to employee – integrated through Valiant.

See How Valiant and TraitSet can help your business: