Trackforce Valiant Payroll Management is the only solution in the market to provide a NY WTPA-compliant PayStub Detail, which provides wage and tip rates to meet regulatory requirements:

Why Trackforce Valiant Restaurant Payroll Is #1 in the Industry

Restaurant Expertise

Having good food and service is your business, restaurant payroll is ours. That’s why our team of US based experts will:

  • Guide you through collecting payroll data, analyzing it, reporting it and make adjustments based on your needs
  • Ensure restaurant-based federal, state and local compliance measures are always applied and supported throughout
  • Make recommendations and guide you to make better payroll decisions for both your FOH & BOH staff.
  • On top of major Compliance initiatives, such as Pay Stub Compliance, to ensure you remain in compliance.

Restaurant Support

The desire to fuel your food service passion is at the heart of our payroll software. That’s why it’s designed to give you:

  • Peace of mind about wage calculations, employee reporting, tax withholding, tip/meal credit and compliance
  • Pay Stub Compliance: Trackforce Valiant meets and exceeds the NY WTPA compliance details
  • Automation of processes, saving you money, offering up protection and keeping a happy staff
  • More time to focus on the components that make your restaurant great; good food, good service, happy customers.

Connecting Time Worked to Time Earned.

Trackforce Valiant integrates with TimeProTM – purpose-built for Food Service and Hospitality

Complimentary Paper: Meeting PayStub Compliance Rules

This paper outlines the requirements of the Wage Theft Protection Act pay stub compliance regulation, and includes steps to take to ensure you meet and exceed the regulations.

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Customer Testimonial

“I really enjoy working with Valiant, because there isn’t a question I can ask, in our industry, that these guys don’t know the answer to. And if they don’t know it, they’ll get it within the half hour. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

– Vincent Pascal, COO of ARK Restaurants

What It Does

Seamless POS Imports
Automatically Import your payroll from your POS system
Bundled Files
Houses all of your files, from all of your systems, in one place
Automated calculations for OT, meals, breaks, spread of hours and tax territories
Auto-updates to your industry local and federal compliance changes

What You’ll Get

A Software Fitting
A restaurant payroll consultant to assess your specific needs
Made-to-Measure Connectivity
A restaurant implementation consultant to tailor the software
Traditional Service
An in-house restaurant payroll expert to service you
Trusted Reliability
Software and service built specifically for the restaurant industry

Why You’ll Stay

We’ve Got Experience.
We’ve been supplying the restaurant industry with payroll for over 25 years
Personalized Support
Our representatives will give you advice on that new dish and payroll best-practices.
Local Compliance
We’ve mastered the art of restaurant compliance in both our expertise and software.
Operational Support
Opening up a new location? Need help with paystub compliance? We’re on it.
Demo to Believe.
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