Trackforce Valiant Security Payroll is #1 in the Industry with Unique Features

Guard Industry Expertise

Since 1994, Trackforce Valiant has been supporting the guard industry with leading security payroll software designed to:

  • Guide you through time collection best practices, payroll and billing data, reporting and adjustments
  • Ensure federal, state, and local compliance measures are always applied and supported throughout
  • Make recommendations and guide you to make better payroll decisions for your in-house and remote team

Trackforce Valiant Security Payroll with Leading Support

Your ability to maintain growth strategies is at the heart of our security payroll software, allowing:

  • Peace of mind about wage calculations, employee reporting, tax withholding, tip/meal credit and compliance
  • Automation of processes, saving you time, offering up protection and keeping a happy staff
  • More time to focus on the components that make your guard company boom: networking, sales, and marketing

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Customer Testimonial

“We have a 24hr command center, in which people are checking in for on and off duty. Because of the way Valiant’s system works, we have very minimal payroll adjustments, making it a very seamless process for those in the field.”

– Stanley Czwakiel, President of Cambridge Security Services

What It Does

Seamless Integration
1-click automatic import from TLM to payroll
Real-Time Reporting
Instant payroll and labor vs revenue reporting
Automated Calculations
Automated OT, meals, breaks, tax territories and health & welfare
Security Centric Compliance
Employee schedule/rates, accrual balances, punch details & union reporting

What You’ll Get

A Software Fitting
A security payroll consultant to assess your specific needs
Made-to-Measure Connectivity
A security implementation consultant to tailor the software
Traditional Service
An in-house security payroll expert to service you
Trusted Reliability
Software and service built specifically for the security industry

Why You’ll Stay

We’ve Got Experience
We’ve been supporting the guard industry with payroll for over 25 years
Personalized Support
Our Service will give you advice on paying your remote staff and everything in-between.
Local Compliance Support
We’ve mastered the art of security compliance in both our expertise and software.
Operational Support
Looking to be acquired? Need help picking out scheduling software? We’re on it.
Demo to Believe.
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Benefits of Switching to Trackforce Valiant Security Payroll

With continued projected increases in the security guard job growth outlook, security guards, firms, and companies need payroll services that streamline compliance and additional aspects of staffing, payroll, and record storage. At Trackforce Valiant, our payroll software for security services can meet the needs of your company, giving effective support for staffing, payroll, compliance, and paycheck records.

With our systems at Trackforce Valiant, there’s no need to purchase different technologies for security guard compliance software, payroll, staffing, scheduling, or other aspects of guard management. Our single point solution implements all necessary components of security payroll software, including retention of licensing information to ensure that the proper guards are staffed at each location.

Our Trackforce Valiant security team is standing by to help you learn more about our products that have been designed to ease compliance, staffing, payroll, and many other aspects of security guard management. Request your demo today.