query builder


Effortless Reporting

Query Builder allows you to modify your reports and to build summary reports with drill down capabilities. With Query Builder and Valiant’s single database architecture, you get the benefit of having all of your operational information accessible in one convenient reporting solution.

User-Friendly Interface

Create your own queries with little or no experience in report writing. Our simple and friendly use interface allows every user to become completely self-sufficient in their reporting needs.

Easy Sharing

Click to export queries to Excel, or share them using privacy settings. Either way, Query Builder makes it easy to collaborate with others using the reports you generate.

Continuous Updating

Query Builder’s cloud based architecture and zero maintenance browser based interface continuously shows the latest available features and enhancements.


Query Builder is not just an add-on bolted on to the side of your Valiant solution. Query Builder was developed with complete integration in mind, designed to be housed inside the new Valiant Portal. As such, the transition from entering data to querying that same data is seamless, located in one portal with one sign-on for credentials. It’s that simple.

Unlimited Alerts

There is no limit to the number or types of alerts you can create. Effortlessly, the creator can set up an alert, which automatically send the created report as an attachment.

In-place Filter

With Query Builder you can open or create a query once and execute as many times as desired with different “prompts” or filter values.

Parameterized Queries

Prompts are effective ways to allow each user to create default or custom filters for their query. Filter values can be automatically calculated based on a supplied relative data value. With Query Builder, the writer can include one or more prompts into the query and alternate these if necessary.

Predefined Data Relationships

Query Builder’s simple and friendly self-service user interface with eloquent user friendly terminology and step by step guidance assures that you don’t need to be an expert report writer or programmer to create your own powerful reports; eliminating your reliance on technical specialists to create or re-create your reports.

Built-In Security

At Valiant, we realize that security is critically important. That is why we made our security system a core component of our entire application suite. As a result, Query Builder is governed by all of the same security rules which are defined in the Valiant Portal for all Valiant applications. You can rest assured that users will only have access to the data you have judged to be necessary and authorized.

One Click Export

Continue to use Excel for your staff’s extended data analysis tasks. With Query Builder, all queries you have created can be exported to any version of Excel with just one click!


Your queries are created as private queries (for your use only), as shared queries (you permit access to other select users), or as pre-defined public queries to be leveraged by all users in your organization.

Report Scheduling

A calendar-based pre-defined schedule for triggering an alert(s). For example: generate employee monthly new hire list.

Relative Data Functions

Allows you to filter a query based on multiple time intervals relative to a given date. For example: today, current month, previous quarter (Quarter-To-Date), YTD, etc. can be used as a column in a query or in a condition applied to a query.

Alerts and Notifications

With alerts and notifications, it is like having your own personal assistant, always there by your side to remind you of those things that you deem important. Since Query Builder is part of our core application, you can use it to define the criteria for you own alerts and notifications based upon your needs and requirements.