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Valiant’s time and labor management software has been designed to support the needs of the security industry. We offer security guard workforce management solutions that have been built specifically for the security guard industry, we have worked with leading owners and operators to deliver the most comprehensive software suite based on industry expertise and best practices. Our solutions are more than a security guard punch clock, we offer seamless support for all aspects of workforce management for the security industry.

Best Security Guard Scheduling Software from Valiant


Streamline Scheduling

Advanced Technology

Ensure Compliance

Comprehensive Reporting


Free Guide: 5 Ways to Help Automate your Workforce Management System

In this free guide, we show you what to look for in a Workforce Management System to help minimize costs, streamline operations. All by implementing an integrated and connected Workforce Management Platform!

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How Our Security Guard Management Software Works



Successfully create and maintain rotating and dynamic schedules and list each worksite, position and qualifications required for the job with our security guard scheduling software.

Detect and prevent scheduling conflicts

Reduce unnecessary overtime and non-billable hours

Foster employees access to monthly schedule and shift information

Track and manage various employee pay rates at multiple locations/shifts

Reconcileyour payroll to labor hours to expedite payments

Time Collection

Collection methods from telephony, clock/tablets, and mobile allow you to instantly visualize where and when your workforce is deployed, while maintaining quality service to customers. Upgrade your security guard punch clock with our industry-leading management tools.

Shifts for each position to meet customer staffing requirements

How and when employees report hours worked

Internet-based access to employee timesheets

Time theft and buddy punching with biometric clocks


What You’ll Get from Valiant’s Security Guard Workforce Management Solutions


Ensure air-tight compliance through benefits management, local, state and federal automated updates, credits, and in-house security industry expertise for ongoing support.

Wage & Hour
Overtime and meal penalties, etc.

Contract Compliance
Health & welfare, WOTC credits,
Union Reporting


Utilize pre-made reports based on security guard company needs. Customize these reports or build your own from scratch.

Billing Details
Customer Analysis
Overtime Report
Payroll Detail by Employee
Employee Schedule
Customizable reporting


Bring your billing process to the next level and customize periods and invoicing to suit your specific guard company needs. Fulfill billing needs as a part of our integrated payroll management software.

Support Custom Billing Periods
Custom invoicing

The Valiant Difference


Local Compliance
No one else does local compliance like we do

Tailored Software & Service
All products & service is specifically tailored to your business needs

Over 25 years working with complicated hourly workforces

A US based, hourly workforce expert to partner with you