Complimentary Consultation

Better Technology

Proper software architecture provides agility and flexibility into the software development process while increasing quality. In building our Next Generation Human Capital Management Solution, we used new emerging modern technologies and approaches to architecture along with best practices to re-build our products from the ground up.

Unlimited Flexibility

The API Module Management allows grouping different Objects and Properties into applications with unlimited flexibility. Presenting what was specific to one application in the past can now become part of multiple applications.

Quick Adaptation

Utilizing our Layered Architecture and API Foundation allows us to build and change applications faster with higher quality. This gives Valiant the opportunity to react in a timely manner to changes in the industry.

Integration and Collaboration

The same API that Valiant uses to build our applications is made available to you. This means that you can innovate, extend and build anything you would like on top of our platform. For some it means a customized interface which is proprietary to your company giving you a competitive advantage. To others it means quick access to partner feeds, data interfaces and third party applications. However you put it, it means freedom to do whatever you want with your data and to innovate.

Peace of Mind

Having all of your HCM data in a single database makes for easy data management, efficient, accurate, and timely information for reporting and data analytics. With our robust Security Module, you can rest assured that your users will only have access to the features and data sets which you have defined in their user profiles.

Better Foundation

For our application development, we created a deeply layered architecture with a reusable business function layer. This layer is completely separated from the User Interface and the many user experiences that you can enjoy. This allows us the ability to create specialized functionality such as exporters, importers, audit trails, comments, wizards, etc.

Cloud Based – Cloud Computing

Our new Platform is a fully native Web application. Which allows you have access to all your data anytime 24/7, anywhere, from any device and does not require any software installation on you computer. Valiant’s cloud infrastructure provides enterprise-class data privacy, data management, security and availability.

Two-Component Security

The Security Application is very powerful due to its clever design which is made up of two components. We refer to these components as Roles and Rows.

The Role:

Each application user is assigned a Role which determines what functional areas of the application they are permitted to access. For convenience, multiple Roles can be combined into a Group which allows you to simply assign a user to a Group.

The Row:

Simply put, the Row which we are referring to is a single line (Record) in a database table. This means that we have the ability to limit the data set that you have access to right down to a single row. So, two individuals who work in the same department, with the same Role, can still have different permissions.