Hourly Workforce Time & Labor Management Using Advanced Technology for

Scheduling. Compliance. Reporting.

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Restaurant Time & Labor, Well Done.

Manage your front & back of the house with specialized software and an industry expert on hand to support you.

TLM For Hospitality
Workforce Time & Labor

Security Guard Time & Labor, Done Right.

Take command of your guard-force with definitive software and service specifically designed for the guard industry.

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Manage Your Hourly Workforce More Efficiently

Since 1995, Valiant has specialized in serving the needs of businesses with unique hourly payrolls. Our Time & Labor solutions are widely used within the hospitality and security guard industries as well as other key markets that are supported by hourly and shift workers. Valiant delivers the most comprehensive software suite based on industry expertise and best practices.

The Optimization of Your Hourly Workforce


Streamline Scheduling

Advanced Technology

Ensure Compliance

Comprehensive Reporting


How It Works



Successfully create and maintain rotating and dynamic schedules by location.

Detect and prevent scheduling conflicts

Drive profitability by reducing unnecessary overtime

Give employees access to monthly schedule and shift information

Track and manage various employee pay rates at multiple locations/shifts

Advanced Technology

Leverage time and attendance technology to capture and manage employee work hours.

Time clock software, for increased accuracy and mobility

Enable real-time shift-clocking from anywhere with web-based time collection

Driven by voice response technology for time and attendance

Time clocks built to prevent time theft and buddy-punching

Align time reporting with scheduling


What You’ll Get



Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations, automated updates and credits.

Wage & Hour
Overtime and meal penalties

Contract Compliance
Health & welfare, WOTC credits,
Union Reporting


Track and manage disparate pay rates across multiple locations and shifts; utilize pre-made reports or build your own to support:

Job cost analyses for accuracy and organization

Tracking and managing Employee Schedules / Overtime accurately to close profit gaps


The Valiant Difference


Over 25 years working with complicated hourly workforces

A US based, hourly workforce expert to partner with you

Local Compliance
No one else does local compliance like we do

Tailored Software & Service
All products & service is specifically tailored to your business needs

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