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Signs an Employee Is About to Quit and What to Do

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One of the main concerns for employers is employee turnover – regardless of the state of the economy. Employee turnover is time-consuming and frustrating as employers scramble to find replacements. It’s also costly as it requires a price of hiring, on-boarding, training, company errors, and productivity loss.

With so much to lose after an employee’s departure, it’s more important than ever to be attentive to the behavior of an employee who might jump ship. HR software is improving in terms of picking up on signals of an employee’s departure, but employee retention also requires a human touch. Our Human Resources team at Trackforce Valiant lists different signs an employee is about to quit and what to do to improve employee retention.


Major Life Changes

A major life change is one of the biggest signs an employee is about to quit. Such changes include getting married, divorce, taking in a sick family member, buying a new home, or expecting a baby. Each of these scenarios can put pressure on an employee to decide whether or not they should leave your company.

More Active on LinkedIn

If you’re connected with an employee on LinkedIn, it’s pretty normal to see them active on there every now and then. However, if you notice a spike in their online activity, that should raise a red flag. The online activity can include making new connections, joining groups, and sharing industry articles. Such activity can make the employee’s social profile more visible for potential employers and may signal an employee who is thinking of leaving.

Decrease in Productivity

Reports being handed in late or a huge drop in sales are also signs an employee is about to quit.  Not only will their productivity decline, but they’ll also contribute less during meetings, especially if he or she usually gives great feedback. When an employee is thinking of leaving, they believe participating in company meetings or doing work correctly as meaningless.

Takes More Time Off

An increase in absenteeism and tardiness are considered signs an employee is about to quit. An employee who hardly calls in sick now takes days off or an employee who’s usually punctual is now late almost every day is most likely thinking of leaving the company. This behavior shows they’re disengaged and might be looking for employment elsewhere as they’re probably taking this time to go on job interviews.

How to Improve Employee Retention

As an employer, you can’t directly intrude on an employee’s personal life, but being aware of an employee’s changed behavior is a start. One way to cut down on employee turnover is to offer a great training program. Whether it’s in-house or at a workshop, your employees will see this as an investment in their career.

Flexibility is also a great way to retain employees as workers prefer flexible working conditions. If you have an employee working late on a Friday night, they should also be able to come in late one morning or leave early without any time constraints.


If you’d like to learn more about signs an employee is about to quit or looking for new workforce software for your company, contact a representative on our team at Trackforce Valiant today!

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